stupid-voters“How lucky for those in power that people don’t think.” -Adolph Hitler

America is in more trouble than you might think. We keep putting the word out and trying to wake people up, but the video you are about to see is very disheartening. As someone who took a long time to wake up myself I can tell you that there is still hope for many but some people truly are hopeless. They are so lost that only God can likely save them. That is not overstated.

What you are about to see are a bunch of apathetic Obama-worshipers who probably don’t know what the Bill of Rights is. Make no mistake my friends. If Obama could have 300 million people in America with this mentality he would. This is exactly how really bad people gain power. If you gain control of enough “useful idiots” then you have a power base that is tough to overcome.

Give yourself four minutes to watch this Mark Dice video and you will understand exactly how much trouble your country is in.

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You had them at “Obama” Mr. Dice. That is how brainwashed some people are. Most of them don’t know what the Patriot Act or NDAA are, let alone the Bill of Rights. But so long as you tell them that Obama is in favor of it then you have their full support.

Some people talk about the “low information voters” but I would offer this as evidence that there are some “no information voters” as well. They are not just in California. They live in your neighborhood and mine.

These are the types of people that are showing up at polls and choosing your representation. You must understand that. This is also why we can not afford to rest in spreading our message of hope and truth for America. People must be educated. We can not enlighten the brain dead but we can get to those who are not quite there yet.

I would never tell you that all liberals are this stupid. Honestly we have our fair share of people who are not capable of thinking for themselves on both the left and the right. But this is beyond ridiculous.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Some people truly are too stupid to vote. That wouldn’t go over very well with most people but if you are making uneducated choices then it is a fact that you are too stupid, or lazy, to make a good choice.

This is also why we do not live in a democracy. Our founders understood that the gene pool could take a turn for the worse and protected against it. We live in a constitutional republic which has laws to protect us from stupid people like these. But as long as our elected officials keep ignoring The Constitution it is not doing us much good.

For my Constitutional friends in California… You have to wake these people up or at least try. As long as we keep giving away 55 electoral votes every election because of idiots like these we have little to no hope of getting solid leadership in The White House.

There is no time for rest. The future of your country is at stake.

The most dangerous people in America right now are not these idiots who can barely tie their own shoes. The biggest problem is the people that know what is going on and are simply giving up.

I realize the fight is tough. I know that we aren’t progressing quickly enough. I know that there are other things in life besides politics, but…

If you are willing to let people like this choose your fate then you deserve what you get. Shame on you. God gave you a brain for a reason and if you are not using it to help shape the future of this country then you are part of the problem.

If I lived in California I’d be really embarrassed at this point. Missouri is bad enough. I can not believe how much restraint Mark Dice showed in the video. I would have honestly wanted to slap each and every one of the people who signed that petition.

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Flush your negative attitude and let’s get to work. We have new twin babies that were born on July 1st. I will not let them suffer at the hands of idiots like those in the video. I have to fight. Your children and grandchildren deserve better than this. Get out there and make a difference.

“It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.” -Charles Frederic Aked