george_zimmermanI don’t normally write a complete opinionated commentary on things here at Freedom Outpost, but I really think there are probably some people out there, like myself, that think someone in authority, preferably Florida Governor Rick Scott, should step up and say what needs to be said in the matter involving the George Zimmerman trial. So here goes.

I believe the Zimmerman trial should have never come on the national stage. Barack Obama simply used an occasion to stir up the black community. It’s part of the Alinsky tactics. However, from all the evidence we’ve seen and the railroading of Zimmerman by the prosecution, it seems clear that George Zimmerman was doing nothing but looking out for the well being of his neighborhood and when attacked, he was merely acting in self-defense of a thuggish man whose parents obviously failed in disciplining him, resulting in the lifestyle he lived and died in.

With that said, we’ve seen many in the black community calling for the killing of whites. “Kill Whitey,” “Ima kill me a cracka,” and various other Tweets have gone out over Twitter, which should be dealt with by law enforcement, but we’ve also seen that the Obama Department of Justice has not only used tax dollars to fund protests aimed at deeming George Zimmerman as guilty, but they provided security for those protests as well.

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We’ve seen threats of rape to Zimmerman’s daughters and we recently saw footage of a mother and her family being attacked by a black mob of 20 in Niagara Falls. Yeah, not in Florida I know, but the Zimmerman trial is stirring this up across the country.

I commend Police Chief Cecile Smith of Sanford, who has dark skin by the way, for getting officers out in the community to interact with citizens respectfully and talk to them about the situation. He is one that is more concerned about people from outside the community coming in and stirring things up following a possible innocent verdict in the Zimmerman trial. I think that is actually a good thing.

With that in mind, let me give some advice to Governor Scott. Mind you, this will be harsh for some, but pay attention to the fact that I am not calling for violence, but an encouragement regarding self-defense of citizens and a warning for those that would wish to do them harm.

First, I would inform those who were making threats that they are taken seriously and as such would address them as well as potential victims of actions by those threatening. I would advise people of all ethnicities in the Florida area to arm themselves and train themselves as best they can. It’s not only their right, it’s there duty to look after themselves, family and neighbors. I would call upon them to use deadly force if they are attacked and not to shoot to wound, causing more of a media circus like the Zimmerman trial, but to shoot to kill. I’m not advocating murder, I’m advocating defense.

Second, I would address those who would engage in riots, warning them that if they are going to do that in their neighborhoods, there will be no help to rebuild or fix what they do from government, which there shouldn’t be in the first place. Second, I would encourage those in neighborhoods, again, to arm themselves and use deadly force on anyone involved in rioting and destroying private property. Destruction of private property is in essence destroying a part of someone’s life. The fact is whoever owns a car, house, lawnmower or building used their mental capacity, physical strength, time and energy (their life) to acquire those things. Therefore, destruction of that property is not acceptable and again I would encourage a defense of that property.

Third, should those who would be bold enough to engage in rioting and destroying property, survive, be caught, tried and found guilty, they should not be merely put in jail and someone else pay for the damage they cause. The state should make them use their lives to repay what they have taken, and rebuild what they have destroyed. There must be consequences to lawlessness.

I know this won’t sound very politically correct, but frankly I don’t care. I know there will be people claiming I’m a mean old white guy who is racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if I were governor, many I would address, who would end up being victims in this whole thing would be not only people who are considered to be white, but Hispanics and blacks as well. I am for all men regardless of ethnicity to defend themselves against lawless criminals, whether they are your neighbors, talking heads or even tyrannical government officials.

Hopefully, the warning and encouragement that the government would seek to stand behind those that do good would be something fearful to the criminal element. As it currently stands, we are told that Governor Scott is fearful of the state’s safety, but it was only after he appointed a special prosecutor Angela Corey, who has recently be indicted by a Citizen’s Grand Jury, six weeks after the shooting that calls for racial justice were revived, prompting protest marches in Florida and around the country.

Scott is part of the problem; pandering to political pressure, but this isn’t his first political posturing.

I’ve shared my comments with others and they immediately have responded that they think a governor that would encourage people to defend themselves and would support them would gain re-election hands down. Well this isn’t about politics. It’s literally about life and death. Floridians, which are you going to choose?

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.