gun-owner-mapIt seems like the Federal Government has competition in the spying and back door gun registration business. Just when you thought Big Brother had a monopoly on privacy violations and tyrannical information sharing, the private sector has moved in. This can only be good for the spying and oppression industries in this country. Competition is healthy. Though some would say that the government has done a decent job of violating our rights, I happen to believe that the private sector can do it better. This is what we need. Smaller government and the ability for everyone to spy on each other while creating our own propaganda.

This is one of those stories that is so bizarre that I don’t know where to start. How would you like to see a file attached to you, through an android app, that gives explicit details about your guns, your children, your mental health, etc?

This android app promises to help Americans “geolocate” dangerous gun owners. Is it not bad enough that our government is continually invading our privacy? Now we have the private sector jumping on board?

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Though the intentions may be genuinely good the idea is beyond stupid. This is a total violation of privacy and conducive to loads of misinformation. I want to show you their recommended gun marking list and I will put my own comments beside the entries in bold:

  • “Possible unlocked/loaded/unsafe storage” -Good info for thieves
  • “Possible insufficient training” -ummm… OK. What does the amount of training have to do with anything? That only applies when I pick up a gun to fire it. Just because I can’t hit my target it doesn’t mean I am going to snap and start shooting holes in the wall.
  • “Guns and unsupervised children” -I do not like the idea of any information about anyone’s kids being published. If this is truly the case then child welfare should be called. The info has no place on anyone’s android.
  • “Guns and substance abuse” -Good information for those looking to make a drug deal.
  • “Possible medical related concern” -I might have a heart attack as I am trying to shoot you. This makes me dangerous and you should really attempt to be shot by my neighbor first. How does this apply to anything?
  • “Neighborhood talk, unsafe” -I owe Joe 50 bucks so he has been bad mouthing me. Now I am on a stupid android gun owners’ list.
  • “Possible high conflict, armed neighbor” -Not even sure what this means, but I think it is a Hatfield/McCoy thing.
  • “Possible out of place, large arsenal” -Don’t ever mess with a guy with Abrams tanks in his back yard. What? You really thought we sent those to Egypt? 
  • “Documented/frequent unlawful discharge” -Again… I can see this might be a bit of a danger but this is why we have law enforcement. If your neighbor likes to get sauced and shoot at the moon, call the cops.
  • “Possible illegal weapons on premises” -And how do you know this? Did this guy steal your previously stolen gun? Why are we going to alert android users to a gang banger with stolen guns and not call the cops?
  • “Possible prohibited persons” -This guy is not allowed to own a gun because he is suffering from psychotic episodes. I don’t have time to let the cops know but I think android users need this info.
  • “Possible anti-government/terror threat” -If you read publications like this one you will be on the list for sure. Shame on you for bad mouthing our government and owning a gun.
  • “Other concern (describe)” -I think they have all bases covered.

It gets worse. In addition to marking addresses, users are encouraged to leave useful information.

The local context of the site marking is very important to other users who might view the marker you have placed. In as few words as possible (limited to 64 characters), you can provide some extra information that would be relevant to the local community. This might be a specific street address, the names of the owners, or brief details explaining why you are reporting the site.

Thank God for the 64 character limitation. But that’s enough room to give more info than you or I would want shared.

Here is something quite interesting… Bizpacreview uncovered a little info on the creator of this Android app:

The app’s developer is Brett Stalbaum, a lecturer at the University of California, San Diego. His university biography brags that he helped develop software used to attack the Pentagon, among other things you’d have to be an academic liberal to be proud of.

Sounds to me like a modern day Bill Ayers. I have to stop and apologize now. I didn’t realize the creator was a terrorist. This changes everything. We need to get him onto the lecture circuit as soon as possible.

If anyone can find one redeeming quality with this app I would surely like to read it in the comments below. The info he is asking for needs to be reported to the cops and truly has little to no value to regular citizens. Other than making a choice about where to move after our next eviction notice I can see no benefit. It simply invades the privacy of people and sets them up as targets for criminals. Misinformation is a major concern as well. The only people who will be using this info are criminals (including the tyrannical government variety).

If you prefer the fair and balanced version of this story you can go read it at Fox News. I don’t have time for fair and balanced views of terrorists. Oh I know what you are thinking… he’s not a terrorist, he’s just a cyber terrorist.

Yeah whatever. The bottom line is that this app could end up getting people killed if it gets widespread distribution. Anyone who hacks government computers and creates apps that might potentially get people killed is a terrorist in my book.

I sincerely hope that the app flops. If it does not then it is a series of lawsuits waiting to happen.

Regardless of what happens with the app it would appear that Brett Stalbaum’s true calling is politics. Put him with Feinstein and Pelosi and we would have quite a contingent coming from California.

I have lots of good friends that I know and love from the left coast but I don’t know why you people choose to stay there. I continue to write about one whack job after another from that state and I don’t see that trend dying any time soon.

So what do you think? Do we need this android app to save our children since congress has failed to do so?

Knowing where Adam Lanza lived certainly would have precluded him from traveling to Sandy Hook Elementary and killing those innocent children. This app might have made all of the difference.

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We need androids in the hands of every American quickly. Lives are at stake. Besides, I have my own list of terrorists to add.

I’m done.

Sorry for ranting but the ignorance of some people is really disturbing.