showdemot (12)The following was my reply to a current online poll presently being taken on Facebook, asking if the people think the Department of Justice needs to become involved in this continuing farce surrounding the George Zimmerman trial verdict, bringing George Zimmerman up on charges of Civil Rights violations for his role in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin per the demands of the ACLU, other race based Civil Rights organizations, & supported too by the usual cast of Community agitating race pimps such as Al Sharpton, & Jesse Jackson. Earlier today Holder made it apparent he would indeed be abusing the powers of the Office of United States Attorney General (AGAIN) to further insinuate the DOJ into this burlesque of politicized absurdities :

~”Perhaps the DOJ needs first to explain its role in the organizing, funding, & bussing in of protesters to hold community agitating race rallies against Zimmerman to further incite racial tension & division with. Or the key behind the scenes role they played in ousting Police Chief Bill Lee after he determined there was no basis to merit an arrest in the first place! Does this “held in contempt” Attorney General have his usual oblique & evasively vague answer for either of those questions?! Have any of the responsible New Black Panther Party members who posted “Bounties” on Zimmerman even been held accountable for that illegal act? No?? Yeah, some surprise there.

showdemot (3)Those who occupy the left end of this political spectrum always are so eager to credit racism for every conceivable slight they perceive to coerce this ongoing sense of entitlement of Democrat Plantation minorities, to the exclusion of their ever being held accountable (much less take responsibility) for their own actions & behavior. To the extent they threaten terroristic acts against our society as a whole if they can’t otherwise get their way by hijacking the system through their standard community race baiting methods.


944358_578883475466839_1372995419_nYet in their sloppy haste in this Zimmerman debacle, the actual racists on the left casually throw Hispanics under the buss as they “allegedly” seek justice for a black youth who determined his own fate against America’s first “White” Hispanic! As far as I’m concerned the Juror’s did their job & met this travesty of justice with the verdict it deserved: NOT GUILTY!”~

 Now we’re being served all of this wall to wall coverage of so many ranting members of the low-information segment of our populace & it certainly gets old quick. There’s no possibility of debate with these single-minded fools. Simply to have an opposing/contradictory view makes you automatically a de facto racist in their uncompromising view. That’s the level to which our Country has deteriorated. Thanks to Democrat fascists, their diversely depraved constituency, & the poisonous contamination of their political correctness. Our nation is being engineered into embracing its own extinction & no one’s doing a damn thing to stop any of it. Is it any wonder then how we’ve experienced one Civil War already because of these pricks?!

showmeme (5)We have an unqualified pretender of such staggering breadth & scope occupying our White House who has virtually saturated & perverted our government institutions with malicious political dissidents. But you can’t just regard Obama & his Democrat comrades without considering too this “supposed” Opposition Party we currently have who seem more complicit than opposing of this brazen treason being committed against us!


Yet as it applies to the plight of George Zimmerman, justice never had a part in this other than as a masquerade to conceal the true sinister & debauched motives of the actual racists involved here. Namely Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, this New Black Panther Party, a duplicitous state-run media, along with their rank & file legion of storm-trooping useful idiots with boots on the ground, instigating what would essentially be acts of domestic terrorism if we’re to hold their threats of riots to the proper definitions by today’s exacting standards! This whole ordeal has been exploited & perverted far beyond any recognizable or reasonable expectation of “justice“!

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THAT’S what you have running this government people. So do you really need to wonder why then everything in our Country is going to Hell at such an accelerated pace?! Why we don’t even recognize our own country anymore?!  Why we’ve had people die under Obama’s criminally derelict leadership, whose deaths were then swept into the gutter to protect this unmitigated disaster from the accountability he has earned & deserves?! Why (with Christians now being targeted as “religious extremists“) our enemies spread & flourish as Obama provides them with political support, billions of our own tax dollars, & our own weapons of mass destruction?!

Remarkable isn’t it? That those in this government whom were all so eager to target & portray “white middle-class Americans” as being likely terror suspects, have themselves (in their zealous persecution of Zimmerman) willfully engaged in brazen terrorist activities to deliberately incite racial tensions, increase further racial division, & foment civil unrest to the degree they have. Done with virtually no accountability for their deliberate criminal negligence whatsoever! How do we even counter state-sponsored acts of terrorism from those within this alleged government of the people”,  & acting against the people, much less holding it accountable?!

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