Ted_Cruz_SenateTed Cruz criticized Obama for his “Trayvon” speech, calling it trampling on constitutional rights.  Cruz claims that Obama is using the “Stand Your Ground” laws to go after guns.

I really like Ted Cruz a lot, and Obama may very well make another stab at grabbing guns using Martin’s death as justification, but I think he’s missing the bigger picture.  Over the last two days major new discoveries in the IRS and Benghazi scandals.  We found out the boss holding back Tea Party applications was a political appointment of Obama’s and that he knew about the targeting no later than Aug 4th, 2011, and likely much earlier.  It’s very suspicious that he would not tell his boss and benefactor that there was an investigation.

In the Benghazi investigation, we made two huge discoveries.  First we have been told by Rep. Frank Wolf, that survivors of Benghazi were forced to sign non disclosure agreements and if they talk they could lose their jobs and or go to prison.  The second and possibly most disturbing thing we found out was that congress was told that the Pentagon couldn’t tell them where  Marine Corps Col. George Bristol was because he had retired.  But guess what?  According to the Marine Corps Times, Bristol is still on active duty.

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Bristol is a major witness because he was in charge of the forces that could have relieved Benghazi but didn’t.

Blacks are the one group that has stayed with Obama through thin and thin (Under Obama there has been no thick) and they are also easily stirred to action.  Wag the dog, Barry, Wag the Dog.

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.