Stop-Socialism-End-Public-Education-STOP-SignThey’ll tell you that “the times are changing”, but what does that really mean? Sadly, not many people know. Even worse, they think that the change is for the better, when in reality it is not. The American people have been hearing about these supposed “changing times” since the revolutionary leftist 1960s. As with all liberal Progressivist agenda, this societal reform has been slow and gradual. Our grandparents scoffed. Our parents unknowingly accepted. We are now the bearers of ass-backwardness and our children will be the next generation of defenseless victims. So what changes have occurred? What policies implemented? For what reasons?

Well the best way to understand how “the times are changing” is to look through the lens of the public school system in America. The public school system is the perfect microcosm of American Progressivism from the 1960s to today. Public education is so much so a mirror image of American Progressivism in society that it somewhat muddles which influences which; public education on society or society on public education? Did the government and society decide to change the public school system or did academia have an influence on the kids who then went on to create society in a Progressive image?

It all starts with elementary school. Around this time, kids are getting interested in playing team sports. Team sports allow kids to hone their motor skills and coordination, teach them the importance of physical health, and learn valuable life virtues that can’t be learned in a classroom. One of those virtues is that of competition. Competition really exemplifies what life is all about. The harder you work, the greater the reward. You reap what you sow. Competition is the fuel of capitalism and free enterprise, the system that made America great. Today, teachers and coaches crush that lesson by eliminating the reward. There is no sole trophy for first place. You get a trophy just for participating. The incentive of working hard is taken away. Subliminally, they are knocking at capitalism and promoting socialism.

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The socialism continues on into middle and high school. Schools across the country have started taking away the class ranking system. Now all you know is the salutatorian and valedictorian. At what point will they take away the salutatorian? At what point will they do away with both because it symbolizes competition and inequality? The Progressive liberals preach “equality” as if it is a natural right. They fail to understand that punishing the achievers because the underachievers fell short of the standard is still an act of injustice. This is the exact fiscal policy that the liberal elite brain trusts follow religiously; tax the wealthy and redistribute to the poor. Taking the fruits of ones hard earned labor and giving it to a bum is a moral injustice, but that absolute truth is adulterated and twisted by Progressive liberals.

This idea of punishing the perceived “privileged” group to better the perceived “encroached” group starts to seep into the lessons. Liberal teachers will romanticize feminism as a necessary movement. They will paint a picture of America as a male chauvinistic society in which women are oppressed and unfree, yet refuse to admit that women are freer in America than in any other country in the world. Liberal teachers depict the American power structure as racist and biased against anyone who is not white. However, they refuse to see racially based education and employment opportunities (affirmative action) as a failure to provide equal services to whites. Liberal educators will use revisionist history to create the world in a light more preferable to their liking. For example, Christopher Columbus was a fascist, Hitler-esque dictator who enslaved Native Americans and treated them with cruelty. To liberal teachers, the writers of the Constitution were bigoted rich white men who wrote a paper 237 years ago and should not be taken seriously. Don’t be fooled. They know what they are doing. Every liberal group from the feminists to the gays is pushing an agenda and will rewrite history and teach it to naive schoolchildren to promote said agenda. The liberal elite will only tell you the merits of learning about feminism, revisionist history, and diversity. What they won’t tell you is the damage done by replacing the fundamental learning of reading, writing, and mathematics with such liberal studies. It is this very negligence that has cost America her footing as a respected superpower.

So are the times really changing? No and yes. No because the left-wing dream of turning America from an equal opportunist to an outcome equalist, a center-rightist to a far-leftist, Puritanical to godless, has been achieved more than imagined. Yes because the change seems to keep continuing without end everyday. Not just in public schools, but in every other facet of America. The most obvious examples can be seen in gun control legislation, gay marriage legislation, immigration reform, the left-wing media, universal healthcare reform, increased welfare dependency, and the daily intensive exercise of political correctness.

America is supposed to be a place where the next generation will be even more prosperous. Now, it seems only the losers prosper. America was the land of innovators, go-getters, and free market capitalists (not necessarily the very wealthy, the common man benefits too!). Now, she is the land of the lazy, incompetent, and the apathetic who insist things be handed to them rather than worked for. America was the leading global superpower, the benchmark other nations looked to for guidance. Now, we struggle to keep up culturally with other developed countries on a micro and macro level. This train of thought starts at the public school level and continues through the life of an individual. American schoolchildren are bred to become good little Socialists who reject competition and aspire for equal outcome, thus becoming registered Democrats voting in favor of teacher’s unions and continuing the vicious cycle. The teachers are then given raises based on tenure as opposed to merit, and the cycle of “loserism” continues. This is what keeps liberals in power.

If America wants to heal, the times really do have to change. It needs to starts with school. We need to take politics out of education and let kids think independently. We can’t feel bad for people because they lost. You can’t always win in life. You need competition to better yourself as a human being. Competition builds character, merit, and morals. Getting a trophy for being in last place may in some sick way make you feel better for a short period of time, but it won’t make you a better person, nor is it healthy for society as a whole.