race-baiting-for-dummiesBefore I start, I have to confess that I did not follow the George Zimmerman trial.  I have not heard any of the evidence, so I have made no personal decision as to whether he was guilty or not of murdering Trayvon Martin.  I saw the photo of the back of George’s head cut up and bleeding, and I saw the photo of Trayvon all tattooed up.  Both of which, as far as I know, may have been Photo Shopped.  I only know that if you cannot handle yourself physically, and have to rely on your gun for everything, you should not be out there watching the neighborhood.  You will eventually need that gun.  Enough said.

I do not follow trials that are obviously skewed by the reporting of race-baiting, liberal media hacks.  Which also explains why I have made no decision as to whether O.J. killed Nicole or not.  I will say, in the old black and white movies I watched as a kid, the drivers of the old Jaguars and Mercedes-Benzes and MGs took quite a while to wiggle into  their driving gloves, since they fit sot tight.  Circulation-cutting tight.  You wanted no glove slippage on a sharp turn where you were maximizing your speed just for death-defying thrills.  And, good leather shrinks in the rain.  But that is all the evidence I am aware of, plus that there was a knife and blood, so I have made no personal decision about O.J.

Again, I must remind you that I do not follow race-baiting, media-circus show trials.  They disgust me as an American.

So, let’s get down to business.

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The media and the NAACP and a lot of liberal folks out there are saying that George Zimmerman is a “white Hispanic”.  Which is in contrast to Trayvon Martin’s obvious, physical blackness.

This is interesting.  Zimmerman is of both white and Hispanic parentage.  His surname is Jewish.  And, he has been fully convicted in the eyes of the media of being “white”.

Apparently, in America today, to be “white” is to be ever so bad.  Zimmerman also owned a gun.  And he also had the temerity to use it for “personal protection”.  Unthinkable.  It is ever so bad when white people have guns.  Ask any liberal media pundit.

To be Zimmerman is thus to be ever so bad, as is required by the rule book followed by all liberal media, spin-doctor Agendanistas.  So, since he is bad, he cannot be Hispanic, or of Jewish blood, or just an American.  He has to be white.  Travon has to be black, and therefore, the implication is that he has to be good.  Because black is not white.  According to all of the color charts in all of the Art 101 textbooks, they are opposites.  Trayvon, also, cannot just be an American.  You need to buy into all of this.

This is a circular logic, but don’t blame me.  Blame the liberals and their media lackeys, who keep spinning this crap to rile people up, just so they can have another news story the next day.

We have to call Trayvon by his first name, because Martin could be either a black or white name.  Trayvon is more typically recognized as a black name.  We also cannot call Zimmerman George, because there are too many black Georges.  There are not all that many black Zimmermans.  They are mostly white.  Or Jewish.

You might argue that Trayvon and Zimmerman are the more easily recognizable names, and that is why they are dwelled upon by the people, for convenience’s sake.  While that is likely to be technically correct, it does not fully explain everything that is behind it.

Part of it is the liberal media’s usual, unconscionable, race baiting.

So, let us look at this curious and totally new phenomenon of George Zimmerman’s instant whiteness more critically.

Despite the intentions of the Media and other liberal folks to demonize Zimmerman by making this doughboy, who was totally out of his element in the first place, “white”, which makes him immediately so much” badder” than your average black, in my mind at least, they have actually accomplished just the opposite.

Follow this logic.

As I said before, according to the race-baiting, liberal media, Zimmerman is a “white Hispanic”.  The corollary to that is that Hispanics are thus white.  Which of necessity makes all Latinos white too, as they are genetically and culturally derived from the exact same sources.  So, the conclusion one has to draw from this is, that the liberals and the media and the NAACP have all decided that they no longer recognize that there are any Hispanics and Latinos.  It no longer fits their agendas.  They have now been dumped unceremoniously into the culturally and genetically diverse pool of peoples that are referred to as “white”.

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This was not their intended purpose, as they never seem to look any further than the creation of the next divisive controversy.  But it has been the actual resul,t in the minds of many reflective individuals.

The Señors in Miami who fled Castro must all be laughing and lighting up cigars at this unanticipated outcome.  They are now all white Cubans, or just whites, by default.  They are no longer a separate and distinct entity in America.

Keep an eye on all of this, as they keep talking about immigration reform.  There are other potential consequences in this.

Now, you may have become confused lately by this turn of events.  You may be asking yourself, “What does it really mean to be Hispanic?  What is that, really?”

A coworker’s dad was Spanish.  From Spain, mind you.  So, my coworker called up someone in the Federal Government, to see if there was any advantage in his no longer being white, and in his being Hispanic from now on.  You see, he wanted to know if there were any handouts for his son, who was just about to enter college.  He himself called them “handouts”.  Some would call him a cynic.  He prefers to think of himself as a pragmatist.

He told me that he did not personally give a rat’s ass if he was Hispanic or white.  But he would be Hispanic from now on, if the government was stupid enough to give his kid money to go to college just for that.

“Stupid” was his wording choice.

Are you wondering what the Federal Government’s reply to his inquiry was?

Hispanic is a group wherein it does not matter what your skin color or your national origins are.  The government operative on the other end of the phone told him that, “It is a matter of cultural identification.  If you think of yourself as Hispanic, and culturally identify with the Hispanic community, no matter what your origins are, then you are, by definition, Hispanic.  Your race, your skin color, your genetic makeup, or your nation of origin are all inconsequential.  It all rests strictly upon whether you identify yourself as Hispanic.  If you think of yourself as Hispanic, then you are Hispanic.”

It sounds like the Federal Government’s operative was actually, to some extent, misidentifying the cultural group I refer to as “Americans”.

After doing some additional research, my coworker decided that he would remain white, as there was no real money in there for becoming Hispanic.  He had passed for white for a long time, and it lead to a lot less curiosity and questions.  He is a quiet and private man, and does not like to be bothered by bullshit.

But, he said that he would become Hispanic in a minute, if there was a big, fat government check in it for him.

Now, you need to think about this closely.  According to the media, the liberals, and even the NAACP, Hispanic is the new “white”.  And you can be Hispanic, no matter what your skin color is.  If you were born to parents who came from Equatorial Africa, and are the blackest kid in your neighborhood, you might be black.  But if you were adopted into a Hispanic family, and were raised speaking Spanish as well as English or instead of English, you could also decide to be Hispanic.  It is as easy as checking off one block or the other on the census form.

The same holds for a red-headed, freckle-faced, Irish kid who was raised in a Hispanic household.

You could be the blackest kid in your neighborhood by skin color, but you could decide to be Hispanic.  Which, according to the media and the NAACP and a lot of the other liberals lately, makes you “white”.  Some of them might not even change their minds about that even after they saw your photo, or met you face to face.  Hispanic is now white, period.  No questions.  No arguments.

If you are black, and your black sister married a white Hispanic, she and their offspring are white Hispanics.  Which is now white, period.  And you are still black.  Unless you move in with them, and culturally identify with them, and check off the “Hispanic” block on the census form.  Now you are Hispanic.  You don’t even have to be able to speak Spanish.  Any government operative looking at your data will now assume that you are the new white.  She might even maintain that delusion after meeting you face-to-face.  Hispanic is white now, period.

Sound confusing?  Remember apartheid in South Africa?  Our Federal Census essentially does the same, damned thing.  Divide, and create conflict.  Without conflict, there is no need for government.  The people settle all thing among themselves before they come to a head, without any interference from above.

Divide and conquer.  It has worked for millennia.  It still works today.

The Federal Government does not draw distinctions of color among Hispanics.  So if Zimmerman is white, all Hispanics, by proxy, are white.  So are all those of Jewish surname, by proxy.  To think otherwise, is to be thinking like a racist.

While they would rather have had a different outcome in the trial, because of this whitewashing of the Hispanic community, Holder and Obama will not touch this one with a ten foot pole.

Unless there are tons of race riots all over.  Which is what a lot of people believe that Jackson and Sharpton want, way deep down inside.

This whitewashing of the Hispanic community is actually good news, people, if you look at it in the right light.  We now have a catchall category for the baddest people on the planet, and that is white.  If you are not or cannot be categorized as being of any other “race”, you are now counted among the white dredges of American society, by default.  You are now in opposition to the Federal Government, as that is what all white people believe in.  Or so they would have you believe.

And now, Hispanics are no longer Hispanics, they are white.  One “race” down.

Most of us of Native American ancestry can and do pass for white, either through all of the intermarrying of the two races, or by just staying indoors and out of the sun.  You cannot easily tell us from white, especially if we are redbone.  Unless we dress and act the part.  It is really more of a cultural identification anymore.

And the darker skinned Apache and Navajo, and the other Southwest tribes?  They could all claim to be Hispanic.  They speak the language.  Most of them have relatives right across the border, in Mexico.  We Cherokee do.  You might as well say that the First Peoples are all white, too.  We are only one race-baiting, show-trial, media fest away from it, anyway.  What if Wounded Knee had happened today?  We might as well be counted among the baddest, too.  Two races down.

Asians?  Native Americans are of Mongolian descent, which makes us genetically Asians.  And we can pass for white, or for Hispanic, which is now considered to be white, too.  Three races down, so far.

Four, if you count white.

Which leaves us with blacks.  They can all choose to be black, or Hispanic, during the next census.  No one will check up on whether the block they checked off is “correct”.  The choice as to whether they are” black”, or “white” Hispanic, is up to them.  It is really more of a cultural identification.  If all blacks were to check off “Hispanic” on the next census form, then, Bingo!  We are all, with the stroke of a pen, become of one race.  No matter what you call it.  And racism has ceased to exist in America, as there are, suddenly, no longer any governmentally-defined “racial groups” here.

If you have intercourse with another, and your resulting offspring can also produce viable, fertile offspring, then this fucking man and woman are of the same species.  Period.  This definition is from scientific research.  It is unquestionable.  Get over it.

Make no mistake about it.  Dividing people into categories enforces keeping them in these categories.  It is a feedback loop.  The racial questions on the census, and all the data and programs derived from them, thus promote racism as an official, but unspoken of, governmental policy.  Their media lackeys play all of this every day just for a story, never mind the consequences, as without division and conflict and strife, it is a very slow news day for them.  Keep all of your peoples divided, and in opposition to one another, and they will not look closely enough to be able to define the real problems.  Keep them too busy and unorganized and riled up to ever unite, and certainly away from the seats of power.  That is the real, unspoken policy.

Imagine, if all of the people got together!  There is nothing that they could not do!

Unwittingly, the liberals and the media have already started the process of consolidation.

Do yourself a favor on the next census.  Make yourself “Hispanic”, or “Other Race”, or “Mixed Race”.  Whatever is the best choice on the next census form.  Fight the system from the inside.  Skew it, via making their own data completely irrelevant.

I am officially mixed.  I also am genetically, so I am covered there.  But, no one is going to check on it.  How could they prove it anyway, without DNA sequencing?  Get real.

Do the country a favor.  Become one of us in the “Mixed Race” category.  Or be Hispanic, which is the Federal Government’s catch-all on the census form.  Be the New American.

Fight racism.  When the country’s preoccupation with racism falls away, then you all will have the time to look at who the real enemies of all of us folks out here in the streets are.

Beware of the suits with the power ties, America.

Gary W. Harper