clinton-2008There is a story today that Huma Abedin is taking a “vacation” away from the Hillary Juggernaut.  The story says that she had planned to spend the end of the primary for mayor, by her husband’s side.  But since his candidacy is falling apart, why would she?  She has been by Hillary’s side since the 1990s.  Why the sudden parting of the ways?

It could be that Hillary doesn’t want Woodygate to interfere with her plans for 2016.  It has already been reported that she is not happy with the comparisons between her and Bill and Huma and the pervert.  Putting a little distance between them, at least for a while would seem to be a good idea.  But would Hillary throw her closest friend under the bus?  Why don’t you ask Vince Foster?

Not so coincidentally, Huma met with a Clinton adviser for lunch while Hillary was having a luncheon with Obama.  Mobsters always establish an iron clad alibi after ordering a hit.  The fact that Huma made the announcement the very next day after meeting with the Clinton hit man adviser, would strongly suggest a direct connection between the two events.  Huma can always be brought back later if the Weenie man disappears from the spotlight.

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Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.