Full-Metal-Jacket-Sgt-Hartm-516x330Days now in the wake of the State Departments issuing a Terror Alert coupled with a Travel Warning advisory, we’ve since learned that intercepted communiques between al-Qaeda leaders picked ripe from the chatter grapevines of U.S. intelligence sources are cited as being responsible for the closing of almost 2 dozen of our U.S. Embassies & consulates throughout Muslim dominated regions abroad. Apparently this has many scratching their heads who recall Barack Obama’s previous assessment when he publicly asserted to the American people that this terrorist organization was “up against the ropes & on the run“. I think by now tho’ its become rote with a lot of Americans to apply the standard deciphering method of inversion to interpret pretty much everything that proceeds from the double-talking mouth of this malignant demagogue. While some have been quick (if not eager) to label this Terror Alert as a “false Flag” event, there’s nothing “false” by the projected image of U.S. weakness Obama & his administration have once again managed to convey to the Muslim world… Again.

But what else is new in this political zoo where Christianity seems almost a breath away of being made punishable by execution under this Presidents scorched earth campaign of “fundamental change”, while those of the Muslim persuasion (particularly known “radical” collaborators) are exalted & made to be revered & respected under threat of prosecution by Obama’s Department of Justice. Exalted to the extent that the Obama administration has welcomed with open arms recognized members of the Militant organization The Muslim Brotherhood into our government & halls of power.

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bill-lumbergh-office-spaceThe very same organization currently being declared & labeled as an outlaw terrorist organization by the Egyptian military surrounding what some critics have described as being Obama’s worst foreign policy debacle to date. A debacle given prominence with the Egyptian military’s coup & ouster of Mohamed Morsi & his Muslim Brotherhood associates a year after Morsi was elected President in Egypt’s 1st democratic election which was preceded by previous dictator Hosni Mubarak’s own swift removal from power after 30 years of rule. Even as Obama ineffectually sought to interject himself & prevent Morsi’s removal, the damage had already been done.

Morsi with his Muslim Brotherhood affiliations had since come to be viewed by millions of protesting Egyptians as nothing more than a figurehead advancing the cause & interests for covert operatives of The Muslim Brotherhood. This was suspected by many in our government & reflected in their prognosticated warnings of The Muslim Brotherhoods intentions to take over Egypt a year before Mubarak’s fall & Morsi’s rise, yet Obama had chosen to lend vociferous support to the protesting factions of Egypt’s strife influential in Mubarak’s removal, then later calling to congratulate Morsi in the wake of his victory after Morsi (winning election in June of 2012) had in mid-May of 2012, stated openly while addressing a gathering of Cairo University Students:

~”The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal. Today we can establish Sharia law because our nation will acquire well-being only with Islam and Sharia. The Muslim Brothers and the Freedom and Justice Party will be the conductors of these goals.”~

Meanwhile, back in the province of our own domestic affairs, Obama has practically eviscerated our military of those top brass he undoubtedly perceived as posing a threat to his own clandestine ambitions & political subterfuge. Those left standing have apparently chosen to fall in step by their subsequent willing compliance to classify Evangelical Christians & Catholics as examples of “Religious Extremism”, adding them to such infamous ranks as al-Qaeda & Hamas. Yet here we have Army Major Nadal Hasan. An individual with a long history of apparent Islamic radicalism rife with inappropriate behavior and comments for years during his career that went ignored by his military colleagues and superiors, who later goes on a shooting spree at Ft. Hood slaying 13 & wounding over 30 others while shouting, “Allahu Akbar”. That’s merely “work place violence” tho’.


Which brings me back to al-Qaeda again & something that has me bumfuzzled: On the one hand, if al-Qaeda is regarded as being up against the ropes & on the run, how then are they able to exercise the level of influence necessary to effect the closure of so many of our Embassies & consulates? On the other hand, we have this administration along with collusive RINO’s expressing a bizarre wish to arm identified al-Qaeda linked operatives posing as rebel fighters in Syria. It’s pretty much common knowledge that thousands of foreign insurgents are known to have entered the fray in the Syrian conflict for the sole purpose of seeking to hijack the Syrian peoples revolution to establish yet another Shariah law based Islamic stronghold in the middle east. So what gives then with this governments deranged objective towards arming our enemies who also appear to have cannibalistic tendencies?!


Lets not forget this little known detail either:

Actually it’s not so much bumfuzzling as it is assertive of a more subliminal & sinister design at play here which millions of Americans seem cognitive of, but which somehow mysteriously eludes our so-called “elected representatives” awareness like a vapor. A sinister design given context & definition when you take & separate specific statements from the camouflage of their original context which have been put forth in this Presidents own words:

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”     ~The Audacity of Hope, Page 261~

  “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam!” ~Obama’s address to the United Nations General Assembly, September 25th, 2012~

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These statements don’t simply stand on the abutment of their own implied assumptions. They have the benefit of resting on an established foundation replete & reinforced with the “intended consequences” of deeds & actions implemented by this lawless vagabond & his various appointed proxies infiltrated throughout virtually every level of government since the ascension of this noxious regime. Some deeds resulting in fatal repercussions, stained with the blood & strewn with the corpses of good people who died merely to satisfy the gluttonous political appetites of a false idol. Repercussions that -if we still lived in a sane world- would have been met with punishment. Especially if the politician in question were white & responsible for so much death stemming from so much wanton criminal negligence. But not Obama. Not Americas 1st black President, & besides, hes assured us all these scandals are “phony”. (*wink*wink*)


This is where somebody will usually pipe up about Bush’s war on terror & all those killed during that. In some instances even going to the extreme making the declaration that 9/11 was an “inside job”, going so far as to accuse Bush & Cheney of having known about it & being in on it. Then there are those who really stretch going back over 2 decades to the era of Reagan & illustrating Reagan’s Iran/Contra affair. First off, this whole 9/11 Inside Job conspiracy theory I do NOT ascribe to. Anybody who wants to seriously put stock in stuff like that, wasting precious moments of their lives they’ll never get back again chasing windmills, well more power to them then. Everything else is like comparing apples to oranges.


So how much more willing suspension of disbelief are folks expected to continue maintaining to go on believing the crap we’re subjected to in this cheap poorly lit theater of the profoundly corrupt & absurd?! Where we have a President who gives nationally televised Press conferences on late night TV talk shows &  where former Secretary of State Hillary “I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille” Clinton is the proposed subject of both a CNN documentary as well as an NBC miniseries plainly titled, “Hillary”. Each is tentatively slated for a 2014 premiere. It’s grotesque. The surrealism of 2 such monstrous people being admired & celebrated who ought to instead be facing indictment on numerous counts of aggravated negligent homicide at the very least.


Worse yet tho’ is the bleak realization such an entourage of depraved persons exist in this country who genuinely believe that Obama & Clinton are worthy of admiration, or that Hillary Clinton is actually fit to lead our Nation as President. That’s just disturbing in so many ways words can’t even begin to describe.

So if I’ve managed to thoroughly depress you, allow me then to leave you with the following public service announcement. Hopefully it might be good for a laugh: