benghazi-ciaMark Thomspson, one of the Benghazi whistleblowers who testified before Congress earlier this year, acquired the services of Joe DiGenova as his attorney. DiGenova has now come out and said that he’s been told that some “very ugly people” had stolen upwards of 400 surface-to-air missiles and that the Benghazi annex played a key role.


“I do not know whether [the missiles] were at the annex, but it is clear the annex was somehow involved in the process of the distribution of those missiles,” said DiGenova in an interview Monday with Washington’s WMAL.

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WMAL reports:

How did DiGenova get this information? He told WMAL that ever since he and his wife and law partner, Victoria Toensing, began representing the Benghazi whistleblowers last spring, they have been contacted by several people eager to share information about what really happened the night of September 11, 2012, when four Americans were killed in the Consulate attack, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.


“This information comes from a former intelligence official who stayed in constant contact with people in the special ops and intelligence community,” said DiGenova, “and it is pretty clear that the biggest concern right now is that 400 missiles, which have been diverted in Libya and have gotten into the hands of some very ugly people. And they are worried, specifically according to these sources, about an attempt to shoot down an airliner,” he added.


They were afraid that there was going to be a missile attack on one of the embassies,” he said, The Daily Mail reported.

“Remember, you can take a shoulder-held missile and shoot it into an embassy. Not just into the sky.

“That’s what this was all about,” DiGenova insisted. “That’s why they’re so worried. That’s why they have lied repeatedly about what happened in Benghazi, because they are now responsible for all of the stepchildren of violence that happens as a result of this. This is a very serious matter.”

“A lot of people have come forward to share information with us,” he said.

“We have learned that one of the reasons the administration is so deeply concerned” is that “there were 400 surface-to-air missiles stolen, and that they are … in the hands of many people, and that the biggest fear in the U.S. intelligence community is that one of these missiles will be used to shoot down an airliner,” DiGenova said, adding that his sources have told him the missiles are in the hands of al-Qaeda operatives.

We know that nearly 35 CIA officials were working in and around the annex in Benghazi. According to the London Telegraph, these operatives were allegedly in an “annex near the consulate (working) on a project to supply missiles from Libyan armories to Syrian Rebels.”

Months prior to the Telegraph’s article, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) suggested that one of the causes behind the jihadist attack in Benghazi “may have been that there was a gun running operation going on in Benghazi, leaving Libya and going to Turkey and [distributing] arms to the [Syrian] rebels.”

Under Barack Obama, al-Qaeda was allowed to obtain nearly 20,000 shoulder-fired missiles and we have long suspected that Benghazi was in the midst of an international Fast and Furious arms operation. Now that seems apparent, as the center of Benghazi was about arming Syrian Rebels, who for the most part are not Syrians at all, but professional jihadists.

We have previously reported that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was engaged in the buyback of stinger missiles from al-Qaeda.

Former CIA director David Petraeus’ mistress and author Paula Broadwell spilled the beans about the CIA annex

Ultimately, Marinka Peschmann pointed out that Benghazi is nothing more than a cover-up of the proxy battle with the war with Iran.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.

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