islam-will-dominate-the-worldFor those of you who don’t know me, my name is Dean Garrison and I started a blog called “The D.C. Clothesline” back in November of 2012. Before that time I was just a pathetically brainwashed American who believed most of the lies that my government told me. I started writing when I started to discover some of the things that were wrong and going on behind the scenes. I had just lost my job because of yet another plant shutdown (the second time I had suffered that fate in less than two years) and I was angry. I was angry at labor unions and I was angry mostly for economic tyranny in this country. I had gone from a self-made millionaire to a guy who was too proud to claim bankruptcy in 2005-2006 and I was angry. I couldn’t even count on the stability of a $10-$12 an hour factory job anymore and, despite my skills, no one else wanted me. I was angry because of the socialist economic policies that were destroying my country.

So I had a lot of pent up anger and decided to start writing. That is how The D.C. Clothesline started.

I started to share political opinions about a lot of things and honestly I have thought about deleting the article that I am about to share with you because upon looking back it embarrasses me. I wrote an article on December 6th 2012 about a Joplin Mosque that was burnt and put a liberal spin on it. I didn’t realize that I was thinking in liberal terms at the time and I didn’t realize I was wrong. Honestly I had always considered myself a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. That has since changed.

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I’m not going to reprint the whole article because, as I said, it now shames me. But let me just give you a quick look back to show you how far my beliefs have moved in a short time:

Muslim people are not all bad and Christian people are not all good. Both religious beliefs are built on solid principles of love and human goodness.

To assume that other cultures are filled with hate is ultimately naïve and irresponsible. In our own country, built on religious freedom, we see examples of the same terrorist acts. They may not happen every day, but they do happen.

You could take that excerpt above and make it a template for nearly every person who now calls me a bigot or “Islamaphobe.” They are speaking just as I spoke ONLY 9 MONTHS AGO. They call me a bigot and speak of peace and love and tolerance. They can make any seemingly valid number of arguments to support it.

They are brainwashed by our media and our government and do not realize it. I thought I was awake back then and, though I had started to wake up, I was far from a point of real awareness.

So what happened? I started to gain popularity as a blogger because of some 2nd Amendment stuff I wrote and I became a student of the world around me, because I wanted to turn this into a career. I made some friends that I was embarrassed of at first. Why? Because I agreed with 90% of everything they said but they all seemed to hate Islam.

I decided to find the truth. I looked at both sides of the argument and found myself reading many passages from the Q’uran in my quest. Rather than stay closed minded I continued my research and what I found was very sobering. I started to see the truth of this “Religion of Peace” and it took me back to lots of lessons in world history where even my own religion of Christianity was determined to dominate the world by making people submit (or die).

We can not change history. We can only learn from it.

The problem I saw upon researching was that this religion was still stuck in the dark ages. They used deceit to advance a hidden agenda (much like our own government). There was nothing good about this ideology which encourages men to discipline their wives, allows little girls to be taken as mates and seeks to either convert or destroy ALL non-believers. I came to learn that there are two types of jihad and all Muslims are engaged in jihad, even though some may not be aware. There is a “hard” jihad which ends up in gruesome crimes against humanity and there is a “soft” or “cultural” jihad that the self-proclaimed “peaceful” Muslims are using to destroy the fabric of America.

Today I am considered a bigot because of my sharp change in my views toward Islam.

I only learned to be a “bigot” by opening my mind and exploring the truth. No longer do I accept things in an effort to be politically correct. Political correctness is a sickness.

You call me a bigot and I will keep slapping you across the face with my “truthful bigotry” hoping that I can wake you up just as others were able to awaken me.

I don’t have to hate Muslims to object to their world view. I am smart enough to know that if I were born in Jordan or Egypt then someone would likely be writing about me today. Not many people truly ever break free of what their parents teach. Expose them to Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism or Hinduism all you want and most will not change. That’s just human nature. Once someone is “indoctrinated” it is very difficult to open their minds. I consider myself a perfect example.

No longer do I believe that there are good and bad Muslims. A peaceful Muslim is probably someone who equates to the “twice a year” Catholics that I grew up with. Go to Mass on Christmas and Easter and you are done. They knew nothing of the teachings of their faith and didn’t care to. These are not true “Catholics.” There may be “Muslims” like that too. But for any Muslim who truly follows the prophet… They are totally incompatible with living in these United States of America.

They want you dead. They will not stop until they dominate. This is Islam.

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It is very hard for me to write this because I feel utterly embarrassed. But I am just a human being who is humbled and blessed by the truth now. If you can not appreciate someone who has done a complete 180 on Islam then you will never be open-minded enough to explore the truth. This blog has never been about anything more than a set of people who are waking up to what the world is really about and I had my growth curve as we all do.

This is also why I have hope for all Americans. If I woke up at the age of 43 then there is hope for everyone. There truly is.

No one wants to feel like a bigot. I was not raised to hate anyone. The reality is that I have seen things and read about things that most of you have not and that has changed my world view quite radically. I now deal with reality and reject utopian views that are thickly disguised mechanisms to move a very evil agenda forward.

They actually promote evil by taking advantage of the goodness in most people. They know that you don’t want to hate and they use it to sell you on a “Religion of Peace” that is truly the chosen vehicle for evil world domination.

I will leave you today with the words of someone who left the “Religion of Peace” and holds nothing back in his warning to his fellow Americans.


I believe that real love and compassion stems from the truth. If I try to hide it from you then I might no longer be seen as a bigot but I would be a liar.

I don’t want to convert anyone. I am OK with your beliefs so long as we all try to be good to each other.

I don’t claim to be any type of role model for Christians. I am far from that.

I am just trying to do my part to save myself, my family, my friends and my country.

I could challenge you to go out and find the truth, but you will only do that when and if you are ready.

Please wake up America, before it’s too late.