Egyptian judicial officials have ordered the 85 year old Hosni Mubarak freed from prison, presumably within the next 48 hours.  Mubarak has been cleared of charges of corruption his lawyer said.

The announcement brought a sharp reaction from protesters who support the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsi and threatens to escalate the violence, which has gripped Egypt, since his removal.  On Sunday Al Qaeda executed 25 Egyptian police officers.  That group has become aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, who are under fire in Libya as well as Egypt.

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Personally, I welcome the escalation and I encourage the powers that be to continue sending support to Egypt.  The Muslim Brotherhood will never accept anything less than complete control and therefore must be taken out as a viable force.  There will never be peace as long as the Brotherhood continues to exist and pantywaist republican lawmakers need to get over it.  (Hear me Rand Paul?)  I feel it is a good investment, giving Egypt the 1.5 billion we promised.  Better we give them the tools to win because sooner or later, we’d have to deal with them otherwise.

Mubarak will not, should not, and can not ever be put into a position of power, but for 30 years he was a staunch ally of the US and steadfastly kept the peace with Israel.  That should be worth something.  He will probably need to leave the country.  Saudi Arabia would probably welcome him as he kept the Muslim Brotherhood in check for the past 30 years and his military backers are receiving monetary support from them to continue.

Sources say he will continue to be tried for the killing of protesters, but I find that hard to believe considering it was the military who carried out the orders and could themselves be found complicit.

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.