pamela gellerUnable to pull himself away from the pool, golf course or this week’s “body man,” Barack Obama on Thursday released a statement reiterating his support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Obama announced that the United States was cancelling its biannual joint military exercise with Egypt – which the Egyptians had already canceled.

This was Obama’s retaliation for the Egyptian military’s crackdown on the Brotherhood – despite the fact that the Brotherhood has been burning churches and terrorizing Christians all over Egypt. Instead of punishing the new regime, Obama should be thanking it, and the Egyptian protesters, for saving his administration from the disastrous consequences of Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt.

Obama uttered the bald-faced lie that “We don’t take sides” in the Egypt conflict. That’s up there with “I didn’t inhale” and “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Memo to Obama: We do take sides. The side of political freedom and individual rights. Or at least we should take that side. But Obama has chosen to take the opposite side – the side of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Obama has been a patsy for the Muslim Brotherhood, and now Egypt is calling him out on it. Rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey has come down strongly for the Brotherhood, and now Egypt’s Adli Mansour has declared his intention to sign the U.N.’s resolution acknowledging the Armenian genocide – a clear slap at the pro-Shariah, pro-Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan regime in Turkey. Obama loves Erdogan, calling him his closest friend among world leaders. He does what Erdogan recommends, because he thinks it wins him influence in the Muslim world. But what is really happening is that the U.S. is helping Erdogan attain his dreams of restoring the Ottoman Empire – just as he has backed the Islamic supremacists in Egypt.

Obama has done nothing to end the slaughter of non-Muslims under the Shariah or protect the Christians in Egypt. He didn’t say a word about the burned churches in his short address from his luxurious vacation spot Martha’s Vineyard. Instead, he supports the savages. It is a horror we will never live down.

Enough. The abandonment of religious minorities under the Shariah has become a hallmark of the Obama presidency. Hundreds of thousands of Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, in Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Lebanon, Malaysia et al are victims of oppression, subjugation and ethnic cleansing. President Obama did nothing. Worse, President Obama went so far as to remove the sections covering religious freedom and religious persecution from the Country Reports on Human Rights that the State Department releases because the numbers under his reign are obscene.

More than 36 churches were destroyed last week in Egypt at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is open season on Christians.

The Muslim Brotherhood camps/sit-ins were stockpiling weapons, torturing activists seeking to leave, exploiting women and children and inciting violence. Brotherhood supporters were firing on soldiers and police. Brotherhood supporters destroyed scores of churches last week, all the while chanting, “With our blood, our souls we will defend Islam.” Not Egypt. Islam.

The Egyptian government had to clean out the Muslim Brotherhood’s terror camps – there were independent entities preparing for civil war where people were being tortured and murdered. Obama was wrong to criticize the Egyptian government while expressing no solidarity with the soldiers and police officers who were brutally murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood. Did anyone think that the global jihadist Muslim Brotherhood was going to go quietly?

Obama must correct his catastrophic mistake. He supported the Brotherhood from Day 1 of his presidency. He has Muslim Brotherhood advisers in his administration. He invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his notorious appeasement speech in Cairo on June 4, 2009 (despite the fact that they were still banned at the time). This was a very pointed attack on our ally, Mubarak (who was unable to attend because of the presence of the Brotherhood). Obama’s public support of the Brotherhood in Cairo and subsequent outreach to the organization in Egypt set the stage for their coup in January 2011. Obama’s director of national intelligence, James Clapper, called Egypt’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood movement “largely secular.”

Obama threatened any opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood with withdrawal of billions in U.S. aid after he helped oust the regime of Hosni Mubarak. His bloody hands are all over this.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has called on Obama and the world to recognize the Muslim Brotherhood as the hate group that it is. The Wiesenthal Center is one of the few legitimate Jewish organizations in the United States, fighting for freedom and equality for all and speaking out against Islamic anti-Semitism, the gravest threat that the Jewish people face today. The Anti-Defamation League, by contrast, stands with Muslim Brotherhood groups like the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations, and many Jewish groups in America have also lost their way. We see time and time again quisling Jewish groups shilling for annihilationists and providing cover to Islamic Jew-haters. Kudos to Marvin Heir and Abraham Cooper for standing up and speaking the truth about the Brotherhood at a time when so few will do so.

Least of all Obama. Again, enough. Americans cannot sanction a pro-Shariah president. Obama was elected not only to protect and defend America, but to lead the free world. He has abandoned that task. And the enemedia are an activist arm of the Obama administration. Too many Americans are woefully unaware of the catastrophic consequences of this rogue president. And America is in free-fall.

Where are the lily livered cowards on the right? SPEAK UP. Now. Pass an emergency resolution allowing Christians emergency asylum from Egypt and other Muslim countries that target Christians.

Obama’s silence on the mass cleansing of Christians and churches in Egypt is unconscionable.

Article originally appeared on Reprinted with permission. Pamela Geller is the Editor of Atlas Shrugs and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.

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