dcdeanI’ve been thinking a lot about 9-11 lately. I am like a lot of men I suppose. I couldn’t tell you what I had for lunch yesterday but I remember that morning like it was yesterday. It is scorched into my brain by the fires of hell and branded upon my heart by the glowing red iron of pure malevolence. It is the day that shall forever resonate and rattle my soul while shaking my beliefs to their core and challenging me to never, ever forget that evil is alive and feeding in America.

I remember that morning like it was yesterday. I got an email from a casual business acquaintance that said, “By now you have heard that America is under attack…” I rushed to the television and became locked into the same CNN marathon that many of you remember. I hung on every word of every reporter for weeks on end. Being self-employed was not my good fortune at the time. It gave me way too much time to become immersed in the story and buried in the grief. I cried. I screamed. I wept like I have not wept since.

My pride was hurt and my horror was real. I was in shock, I was in awe and I was furious. My only solace was in the words of our leaders who kept saying one thing that I have lived by ever since… “If we change who we are then the terrorists have won.”

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You know what I did? I changed who I was but not like you might think.

I have to tell you something, for those who don’t already know. My priorities have never been quite right. I believe in God, Family and Country but they don’t always get put in the right order. What those terrorists had done to my country instilled an absolute rage in me and I used that rage to feed. I went from a struggling entrepreneur who was living in government housing to being a self-made millionaire and if I were to be totally honest, most of that drive came from the anger of 9-11. I had no where else to put it.

It was the type of rage that a lot of us felt. We fantasized about being the guy that was given the rifle and the orders to kill Hussein or Bin Laden. We felt like the entire nation was relying on us because everyone was hurting and falling apart around us. We had to be tough and we had to kick ass because that is what would make it right again. It didn’t matter if we were in business or on the front lines in Iraq. We all felt the call to be the very best we could be, because there was no other choice.

The mandate had been served. We would either live free or die and there was no room for wussies in America.

That was almost thirteen years ago and my how things have changed. I look around and people are defeated. I just want to reach through my computer and slap them and tell them to toughen up because their country needs them.

We were told that we could not change or the terrorists would win. That was a half truth. It is true that if we change the terrorists will win. What they did not tell us is that the real terrorists would become our own government.

Like a lot of Americans I eventually lost my drive. In 2006 I had some misfortune and made some bad decisions. I went from self-made millionaire to journeyman factory worker in no time flat. I was depressed. I had lost everything of material value. At the core of it I had lost an identity of who I was. I went from being loud and proud to a whimpering shell of a man who was waiting for the next bone that the government might throw me and I stayed that way until last year.

In 2012 I began to wake up and realize that the real oppressor was not Al Qaeda or Hezbollah or The Muslim Brotherhood. I have no love for any of those organizations but nonetheless the real master was now my government. The fuse was lit again and it was time to fight. There was no other choice. The enemy was within.

I am one of those people that was not wired correctly. My self esteem is not that high I suppose. I am not one that can do well for myself simply because I feel I deserve it. I have to have an enemy. So when things went well for me and the enemy started to disappear I ended up shooting myself in the foot. It is only now that I can see that enemy again that I have come out of my shell. I don’t think I am much different then a lot of people in this regard.

I never really learned how to excel like the greatest Americans in history. I did learn how to fight, like those Jim Braddocks of the world, and can only really become dangerous when I am backed into a corner.

So here we are people. Our backs are in the corner or against the proverbial wall. We are like wounded animals that are overmatched and dying. But we are ready and willing to take you with us if we can.

We are bruised. We are bloodied. And we will no longer bow to our oppressors.

For the first time since 2001 we can now clearly see the enemy and we have a brand new sense of calmness and focus.

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There are those who have fallen around us. Every day we read about businesses who are closing or laying people off because of ObamaCare. Today I even read a story about an internet site that was shutting down after 10 years online simply because they no longer trusted that they could safely use their emails without being spied upon.

Those people who won’t adapt and choose to give up are already dead. They are nothing but common “nancies.” We will bury them when we have time but we have to march on with those who are still alive and willing to fight.

We are no longer victims. We can no longer be wrapped up in this ideology of whining about what the government is not willing to do for us. Those are the thoughts of the dead.

If you still have fire in your belly and you still have any blue blood cells left then it is time. It is time to fight with everything we have to take our country back from the terrorists that reside in Washington D.C.

I see people falling all around me and I can’t worry about it.

America, you are in the middle of a Holy War and some people don’t realize it. Our friends and family are selling out or giving up every single day.

It is those of us that refuse to do so that will be the last line of defense in this country.

Every day it grows more and more possible that this will involve more than words. It might very well involve guns.

If and when this happens I will likely be one of the first to fall but I will do it with dignity and die as a free man for my country rather than cower in the corner as a slave.

America it is time for a little revival. I don’t know what it will take to wake some people up and make others believe that we can still win.

But every day I wake up and I am drawn to the fight.

Every night I forego sleep because I am addicted to the fight.

I am not a victim. I am just a guy who is out to reclaim the freedoms that have been stolen from him.

There are many like me and we could use a little help.

Pick yourself up off the floor and act like an adult. We have all been through hell and it is high time we return the favor.

We don’t reclaim our freedom by begging. We return our freedom by taking back what is rightfully ours. What was given to us by our Creator can not be taken away by those who are supposed to be our elected servants.

We will continue to fight their propaganda with the truth but we must raise the intensity level. Words will only work if we can become louder than the establishment. We must become the media.

Restoration of the Republic can only happen peacefully when people are willing to open their mouths. That doesn’t mean you send one letter and give up when it goes unanswered. You must become obsessive about it. It must be part of who you are and not just part of what you do.

You must become a breathing testimonial for where this country is headed.

If that does not work then we all know what comes next. I for one would rather win this war with words than bloodshed.

But if it comes to that then so be it.

The American people are not in a position to make threats. When you are backed into a corner eventually you are going to fight your way out of it.

When that day comes I will lay down my life for you and you had better damn well not let me die in vain.

Freedom must not fall at any cost.

Thanks for letting me rant today. I needed it. The news and stories of the day can wait for a little while. I needed to remind myself that I am still alive.

Are you?