Is San Diego the Gomorrah to San Francisco’s Sodom?

If we use San Diego’s city government officials as a yardstick, the answer to that question sure looks to be “Yes.”

Bob-FilnerDisgraced mayor Bob Filner

First, the city’s reptilian yellow-toothed Democrat mayor Bob Filner, age 70, came under fire for sexually harassing women — grabbing and kissing a constituent, “jamming his tongue” down the throat and groping under the bra of a campaign volunteer, and grabbing the buttocks and touching the breasts of a staffer. Altogether, 20 women have come forth claiming to be Filner’s victims, including 67-year-old great grandmother Peggy Shannon.

Penny ShannonPeggy Shannon, 67, is one of Filner’s victims.

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After weeks of refusing to resign, last Friday, August 23, 2013, Filner FINALLY agreed to leave his mayoral post at the end of the month, after he’d successfully negotiated a deal for the city to pay his legal fees and any monetary settlements he has to give his accusers. The agreement is expected to cost the city of San Diego several hundred thousand dollars, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The latest from San Diego:

A candidate to succeed Filner as mayor, Republican City Councilman Carl DeMaio, 38, is a homosexual who is known for masturbating in public men’s room.

Allegations: Republican Carl DeMaio, 38, has been accused of leaving meetings and masturbating in restrooms at work caught on multiple occasions. The ex-councilman is thought to be considering a run for San Diego mayor

 San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio

Rex Dalton reports for Voice of OC (Orange County), Aug. 22, 2013, that Filner and DeMaio were opponents in San Diego’s mayoral election last fall, who share a politically explosive Achilles heel: alleged inappropriate sexual behavior that isan open secret among some.

In the case of DeMaio, he is said to leave the San Diego City Council dais during meetings to masturbate in a men’s room — events known by elected officials and suspected by members of the media.

Dalton writes:

In the months before last November’s mayoral election, Ben Hueso, the City Council’s president in 2009 and now a state senator, acknowledged to this reporter that he witnessed DeMaio engaging in the practice twice. Hueso, now a Democratic state senator, and others suspected DeMaio’s alleged inappropriate activity was more frequent.

Describing the scene that spring when he walked in on DeMaio, who was in front of a urinal with his pants down, Hueso said: “DeMaio was masturbating. He jumped, caught by surprise. He jumped to the sink … saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ about six times. Then washed his hands, darted out.”

Hueso again confirmed this account last week.

San Diego City Councilwoman Marti Emerald confirmed Hueso’s account, saying she saw him in the hallway immediately after the encounter with DeMaio.

“Ben was in a state of shock, face red, eyes bulging,” recalled Emerald recently. “I said: ‘You look like you just saw the devil?’ He said: ‘DeMaio is masturbating in the middle of the room.’ ” Another witness to the aftermath supported Emerald’s account.

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Emerald told the Voice of OC that “everyone” at the council knew of the rumors. Others say that tales of DeMaio’s public masturbation became a joke at San Diego City Hall.

Shock? Democrat Ben Hueso, San Diego council president at the time, claims he twice walked in on DeMaio masturbatingState Senator Ben Hueso

The openly gay DeMaio is currently running for Congress but is reportedly considering running for the now-vacant mayoral post. As reported by CBS, he has discussed a mayoral campaign with supporters and community leaders who want him to run.

DeMaio’s spokesman Dave McCulloch categorically denies that any such behavior took place, calling the accusations “absurd and ludicrous” — the dirty tactics of political opponents. Another DeMaio spokesman Jason Roe told The Daily Caller: “There is no other way to respond to this than to call it what it is: a lie. If Ben Hueso started this rumor, he embarrasses himself and our great city. This is exactly the kind of gutter politics that has led to the dysfunction of our political system in San Diego and Washington, D.C.”

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Hueso’s spokeswoman says he stands by his testimony to Voice of OC.

H/t Daily Mail


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