rubioMarco Rubio is the true definition of a RINO (Republican in Name Only). Not long ago I defended him after he took a few extra gulps of water in an obvious nervous moment to deliver the Republican rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union. Since then he has become dead to me. He may be a Republican by today’s standards, but that is also why so many of us have left the GOP. This is no longer a party of conservatism.

There are millions of people like myself who feel sold out by the Immigration Amnesty Bill that is moving through congress and several of those people made their feelings known at The “Defending the American Dream Summit” on Friday.

The Washington Post reports:

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Speaking Friday at the opening session of the “Defending the American Dream Summit” sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the senator was interrupted repeatedly by calls of “No amnesty!” from attendees scattered throughout the 1,000-person audience.

Rubio did not acknowledge the shouts, but ended his speech with an impassioned description of the promise that America offers immigrants such as his parents, who came from Cuba.

“My family’s story not just about them – it’s about us,” he said. “It’s the story of millions of people before them and since who achieved here in this land what would have been impossible almost anywhere else. That is still who we are. Today there are millions of people among us, trying to do what my parents did for us and what your parents did for you.”

He did not directly address immigration reform, an issue that has frayed his relationship with many in the tea party movement.

Marco we don’t care where your parents were born. Ted Cruz has a similar story of a father who escaped from Cuba. But Cruz also has a vastly different perspective on solving the immigration problem.

We can all trace our roots to some other place and time. For some of us it is recent and for some it goes back hundreds of years. But we are Americans and we have a responsibility to those who are already here legally to stop the madness that is our national immigration fiasco.

There are millions without work and tens of millions on food stamps. To keep selling that bill of goods to more and more people is not about tolerant thinking. It is about deliberately cutting the legs out from under what used to be a productive and wealthy America.

The policies of this Immigration Bill give us somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 million new mouths to feed as we struggle to feed those who are already in the system.

A vote for immigration is a vote for the socialism that has crippled this country. It has nothing to do with prejudice. We simply can not handle these people at this time.

Here’s a novel idea. Before we dump 11 million new Americans into the system, why don’t we first create 11 million new jobs?

America needs to return to productivity before we start thinking about dumping all of these people into the system. I realize that they are already here and many are already receiving benefits. We can not easily change that but we surely don’t need to make them citizens and open them up to all of the benefits when our cabinets are already barren.

Marco Rubio, you make me sick. This country gave you and your family a chance and rather than be grateful for the opportunity, you are trying to give away what we no longer have to give.

If I could have been in Orlando you would have been lucky if my chants and taunts would have been that tame. I might have pulled a “Bobby Knight” and hurled a chair at you.

Rubio is a prime example of a utopian thinker who no longer remembers what it is like to be a bottom feeder who is fighting for every scrap. This is a persona that used to be reserved for “democrats” but it has infected the republican party and is spreading like an uncontrollable virus.

When I hear names like Rubio and Christie mentioned as possible presidential candidates I can not even fathom how far we have fallen.

I’d rather lose another election then show support to more liberal republicans.

As long as we keep electing these people, the republicans will keep throwing them at us.

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We must demand a return to conservatism.