1233524_225142297640573_291708232_nAmerica needs to get loud and do so in a hurry. On Saturday Barack Obama yielded and said he would go to congress. That buys us some valuable time.

Military action in Syria is not JUST about who launched that chemical attack. It is about so much more for all of us. If ever a picture was worth a thousand words then the picture to the right would qualify. This is not a case of running to the aid of the good guys to battle the bad guys. Both sides are bad guys.

Who is worse? I don’t know.That’s a matter of opinion. But the lesser of two evils is still very much evil.

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We at The D.C. Clothesline, along with our partner sites, have been covering the unthinkable atrocities of the Obama-backed Syrian Rebels for months.

Since when is it OK for us to support a known enemy in Al Qaeda?

Obama has been supporting Al Qaeda linked Syrian Rebels since 2012, contrary to the will and knowledge of most American people. Is that OK? Why don’t we ask those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001? Or why don’t you ask the young widow who lost her husband in Iraq?

Some things are not acceptable.

We hear stories, on an almost daily basis, about the horrors of both sides in this conflict. Though it is very true that lots of civilians are suffering, it is not solely because of Assad.

Who could forget the story of the little girl who was chained by Syrian Rebels and forced to watch her parents summarily executed? I don’t even have to look at the picture today. It is embedded upon my soul. I can still feel and see the horror in that little girl’s eyes.

Have we forgotten about the savage who decided to make a YouTube video of him biting into his enemy’s heart?

Or what about the priest who was savagely beheaded with a small knife by Syrian Rebels? It took me several attempts to actually be able to finish that video. The most sickening part was seeing the children being taught the ways of these psychopaths. Oh yeah, some of those children who were just slaughtered were going to grow up just like these idiots and let’s not forget that.

So, as much as this is a tragedy and as much as we have tried to provide evidence that it was not Assad but the Syrian Rebels who likely launched this attack, it does not really matter.

Since when is it ever acceptable to aid a known enemy? That has been the issue since day one in Syria. How can this country go so low as to insult the fine Naval Officer in the picture and countless millions who have suffered at the hands of terrorists who we are now supporting?

Congress is about to get an intelligence report and be asked to make a decision. As soon as they see that report, my guess is that 80% of them will be ready to launch an attack. I hope I am wrong but that’s how I feel.

My personal opinion is that some of this evidence will be manufactured. After hearing John Kerry talk, the death toll went from 355 to 1429 overnight. He talked about a picture from BBC that was actually from Iraq. BBC has removed the image. I wonder if John Kerry will fix his evidence?

Do not assume that the evidence put forth before your congressional leaders will be real. Do not forget who is in charge and that there is an agenda in play.

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The American people have a responsibility to demand the ears of their elected representatives and send one simple message.

It does not matter who launched that attack, the American people will not stand for a government who supports Al Qaeda.

We can’t save everyone. Innocent people die in America every day as well.