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Add House Speaker John Boehner to the list of GOP warmongers led by the pile of human excrement gift-box-with-a-piece-of-shit-smiley-emoticoncalled John McCain:


Here are some choice comments on the video’s YouTube site (language warning!):

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The behavior that will not be tolerated is giving Muslim extremist weapons, let them “accidently” gas their own people and blame a regime for the murder just to get America in a war that could escalate to WW3. Way to go you pussy.


Another lying POS! Your behavior will not be tolerated you ASSHOLE. If you want war, here’s your rifle … go ahead, be my guest! We are not the fucken world police! If congress does support yet another illegal war, we better wake the fuck up and take out congress!


Did anyone expect Boehner to stand up to Obama? He loves sucking Obama’s c*ck too much to risk getting his boyfriend mad.


Boehner… traitor… Politicans should be FORCED to fight on the front lines of any war they want.

Swapster .com 

there is no party worthy to take back. we need a new party. This is why I no longer vote. Both parties are corrupt. It is so obvious that 90% of Americans are against any action in Syria, yet these CLOWN PIGS in DC insist on ignoring the will of the people and instead bow down to the corporate masters and the big money war machine. These guys can’t get enough money and blood.


This is the part of the movie where Obama comes out blazzing and saying FUCK!! every other word. America is just like scareface now. You are now only one “Fuck” away from becoming a totally insane, violent fantasy crime syndicate.

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joe downincognito 

He sold his soul to satan!

Sherrie QuestioningAll 

Boehner phone number. (202) 225-6205 I left the message he will be going against the will of the people and will be a war criminal for voting yes. I left more information too. Everyone Call and let him know to do the WILL OF THE PEOPLE! Not his Puppet Masters!

Just for the record, I agree with every single one of the above comments.

This is my message to Boeher, McCain, Pelosi, Reid et al.: svomit_100-121


Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.