I am about to share an article with you that was pulled off of a Russian site. The translation software I use makes it for a tough read but all of the information seems to be there. It would appear that the Chinese have sent warships to Syria. The claim is that they are there to observe. But if things get nasty I think we all know whose side they would be on.

I am going to share the article in full. It’s short. It should be noted that “PLA” is short for “People’s Liberation Army.”

If anyone has better translation software or reads Russian, the link to the article is:

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Here is the translation that my software comes up with:

China sent ships to the coast of the PLA Navy Syria

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Despite the fact that the political decision to send warships, apparently, it was decided a long time, we know about it is just now from unofficial sources. Thus, the Chinese military blog that specializes in articles about military equipment the United States, Russia and China, said that several Chinese ships already close to the shores of Syria, citing its sources in the PLA.

The authors openly admit that the ships would not be in any way involved in a potential conflict, but only observe the actions of NATO and Russian ships.

What kind of ships were sent to the coast of Syria is unknown. Meanwhile, the social network Vkontakte citing a confidential source was reported that a Chinese ship Jinggangshan project was seen when passing the Red Sea toward the Suez Canal.

“2:00 this pepelats back among us in the direction of the Suez Canal. Board number 999. Speed ​​14 knots, judging therefore has specific instructions to be at some point. We are now in the Red Sea somewhere in the center, “- wrote the author.

By tail number is later found out that this is a Chinese amphibious assault ship dock Jinggangshan, which can carry on board a landing craft air cushion or other bulky loads.

Recall that, according to several sources in Syria might be Chinese counterparts S-300 systems. Meanwhile, this information officially confirmed no one, and the Chinese amphibious ships were seen in the ports of Syria.

We should also note, that internationally dates are normally listed as day/month/year, so this article is from September 4th and Not from April 9th.

I am just putting this up for information purposes. I think it is something that America needs to know.


People need to know how tense this situation is and how it could get out of hand in a hurry. This could easily turn into World War III.