Elmer FuddDo you remember the story of Deer Trail, Colorado and its passion for hunting drones? Well evidently that passion spreads beyond just a few people. It is being reported that roughly 1000 people have already applied for licenses.

The New York Daily News reports:

Hunters in Colorado are lining up for a hot new license: $25 to shoot down a government drone over the village of Deer Trail.

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Supporters acknowledge the licenses would be only symbolic, and a town election authorizing them is more than a month away. Still, about 1,000 people have applied for one.

The scheme is part protest against government surveillance and part promotion to get Deer Trail some attention. It’s working, at least on the second point. The federal government issued a warning against shooting at drones.

Now, before you start thinking the people of Deer Trail are crazy, it should be mentioned that the licenses are viewed as symbolic by many.

That being the case I would be very surprised if you don’t have at least 1 person in town who is getting their “drone stand” ready for the season.

The vote has not officially taken place. It is still a month away. But the smart drone hunters are applying early to beat the mad rush for licensing.

This could make for some very interesting hunting excursions. Let’s not forget that recreational marijuana is also legal in Colorado.

If you don’t see any drones, just keep smoking. Drones are attracted to the aroma.

Even though it’s somewhat on the silly side, the message is very real and very valid. People are sick and tired of having their privacy invaded by drones or any other type of unconstitutional surveillance methods.

The people of Colorado are doing something whether I think it is a bit silly or not. I applaud them for that. Two recalls and drone hunting. Very well done. The people of Colorado are doing exactly what the rest of us are supposed to be doing. They are challenging big brother and seem to be winning.

Go Colorado!