my-governor-can-eat-your-governorIndeed, I have a huge number of friends, acquaintances, and people I associate with who tell me I should run for public office. Trust me when I tell you I don’t think it’s a very good idea. First of all, it is very aggravating for someone who really knows what they are doing, a doer, to join with a bunch of groupthink bureaucrats attempting to solve a problem while they feed their faces, expand their waistlines, and talk gibberish as if they are somehow smarter than everyone else. If they were, it wouldn’t be a problem, but they really aren’t, not in my view.

Oh no, am I saying that those running the government including all the politicians and bureaucrats don’t know what they’re doing, and probably aren’t that intelligent? I didn’t say that, but if that’s what you’re inferring from my words, I will grant you that version of your interpretation of what I just said. You see what I mean about gibberish, that’s the types of things they say, in essence they haven’t said anything, or even bothered to answer the question. As an entrepreneur and someone who actually has done something, I believe it’s better to just say what is, and therefore I wouldn’t last amongst these numbskulls (that’s my opinion).

The other day, I was watching a whole bunch of congress people on C-SPAN asking stupid questions, many of the questions they already knew the answers to, or they were making statements in the form of questions, which is beyond me why they’d even bother, and I assume they are doing it only because it is televised, and they want to get their face and name on TV for the voters back home. Nevertheless, I also noted that all of these individuals were overweight, not only do they have chubby little round bodies, but they had chubby little round faces too. Congress could use a really good dietary consultant in my estimation.

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Let me tell a you a little something about biology when it comes to humans sitting around all day. People who are overweight with big stomachs, people who eat too much have more energy expended in processing all the food they just ate, than they have going into their brains to process information on complex topics. This automatically makes them bad decision-makers (the way I see it).

It might make them good at getting along with other people, and coaxing other people to do their bidding, or making niceties with potential voters and donors to their campaign war chest, while they sit down because it’s too much energy to get up and walk around and actually think, but in essence that’s one of the biggest problems here. Just my thinking on my observations here.

The other issue is that the U.S. Congress voided itself from having to follow ObamaCare, instead they get Cadillac health care benefits at the taxpayer’s expense. Therefore, we should require all bureaucrats and politicians to stand up every 20 minutes and walk around so they don’t get fat, dumb, lazy, or have health issues in the future that us taxpayers have to pay for, because we are already paying for their incompetence and dereliction of duty in serving this great nation (opinion).

Yes that’s my opinion, and I’m not afraid to state that because I’m not a politician, I just know what I see and observe, and I just told you the truth, something that bureaucrats and politicians aren’t so good at in my unprofessional opinion in observing them for the last 35 years. Please think on that.

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