aljazeeraWhat a tangled web we weave. Earlier this month we reported that an Egyptian Newspaper has claimed that Barack Obama is a member of The Muslim Brotherhood. Prior to that, in mid-July , we reported that reporters were leaving Al Jazeera’s Egyptian affiliate because they claimed that they were required to report stories with a pro-Muslim Brotherhood slant.

As more evidence mounts you start to see how some of these things may tie together. Very interesting indeed.

Are you familiar with the term “jizya?” Basically a jizya is a tax that Muslims put on non-Muslims in their geographical area. Wikipedia defines it as follows:

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Under Islamic law,  jizya or jizyah (Arabic: جزية‎ ǧizyahIPA: [dʒizja]Ottoman Turkishcizye;) is a per capitatax levied on a section of an Islamic state‘s non-Muslim citizens, who meet certain criteria. The tax is and was to be levied on able-bodied adult males of military age and affording power[1] (but with specific exemptions).[2][3] From the point of view of the Muslim rulers, jizya was a material proof of the non-Muslims’ acceptance of subjection to the state and its laws, “just as for the inhabitants it was a concrete continuation of the taxes paid to earlier regimes.”[4] In return, non-Muslim citizens were permitted to practice their faith, to enjoy a measure of communal autonomy, to be entitled to the Muslim state’s protection from outside aggression, and to be exempted from military service and the zakat taxes obligatory upon Muslim citizens.

It’s very similar to the “protection money” that mobsters might ask business owners to pay on “their turf.”

Well, on September 8th, Raymond Ibrahim reported that The Muslim Brotherhood had begun collecting a jizya on the Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Now that the attacks on Egypt’s Christian churches have subsided, stage two of the jihad — profiting from the fear and terror caused by stage one — is setting in: reports are arriving that the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters are forcing the roughly 15,000 Christian Copts of Dalga village in south Minya province to pay jizya — the money, or tribute, that conquered non-Muslims historically had to pay to their Islamic overlords “with willing submission and while feeling themselves subdued” to safeguard their existence, as indicated in Koran 9:29.

According to Fr. Yunis Shawqi, who spoke yesterday to Dostor reporters in Dalga, all Copts in the village, “without exception,” are being forced to pay tribute, just as their forefathers did nearly 1400 years ago when the sword of Islam originally invaded Christian Egypt.  He said that the “value of the tribute and method of payment differ from one place to another in the village, so that, some are being expected to pay 200 Egyptian pounds per day, others 500 Egyptian pounds per day…”

In some cases, those not able to pay have been attacked, their wives and children beaten and/or kidnapped.  As a result, some 40 Christian families have now fled Dalga, joining the ever growing list of displaced Christians in the Middle East.

What do you think about that? I will tell you the first thought to enter my mind… The new Egyptian government is full of ****.  It has been my contention all along that the new government will likely turn out like the old one. While Morsi was still in power he claimed to be on the side of the Copts and routinely turned a blind eye as they were oppressed. This government seems no different. The Muslim Brotherhood has no authority in Egypt with the one exception of being the international fall guys who continue to persecute the Copts. That is my opinion.

But what happened when this story started to gain traction internationally? Well, of course the Muslim Brotherhood had to find a way to save face. After all, they can’t be shedding a negative light on their wonderful tradition of tolerance for Christians.

Ibrahim followed up yesterday with this:

Following news that the Muslim Brotherhood has revived the practice of collecting tribute from conquered “infidels”—that is, collecting jizya from Egypt’s Coptic Christians in the village of Dalga, first reported on this site—according to a new report published today by the popular Egyptian newspaper Youm7:

The Muslim Brotherhood is passing by the homes of the Copts in the village, accompanied by Al Jazeera photographers, forcing them to record interviews with them saying that they are safe in the village, and that what was published by the ‘pro-government media’ [about jizya collection] is not true.

The Brotherhood working hand-in-hand with Al Jazeera to disseminate falsehoods in their interest is, of course, nothing new.  Earlier, for example, Al Jazeera aired a video of a Brotherhood member supposedly killed by Egyptian security forces who, nonetheless, appeared to “come alive” right before the recording stopped.

Moreover, Fr. Ayoub, the priest of the local church in Dalga, confirmed that the situation is dangerous, that the Brotherhood is in charge of the village, and that the Copts are indeed being threatened with violence to pay jizya.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Al Gore for bringing Al Jazeera to America.

He refused to sell that network to Glenn Beck and sold it to the devil instead.

There is a special place in hell for people like these and a special place in heaven for those they persecute. I don’t know what we can do to help the Copts when our president is in bed with, or possibly a full fledged member of, The Muslim Brotherhood.

No matter how bad things get we must remember that there is a reward or a punishment that awaits beyond this world.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Raymond Ibrahim. Please visit his blog at

As most of us have been chasing stories about Syria, Raymond has been vigiliantly covering Egypt. He deserves a lot of kudos for that because lesser stories don’t disappear just because we see a shiny new object to chase. America needs more like him.