Atlantic Elementary children lead the pledgeConcord Carlisle High School in Concord, Massachusetts is the site of this travesty; Concord, the site of the first military engagements of the American Revolution. On the twelfth anniversary of 9/11 Principal Peter Badalament allowed the reading of a Muslim foot washing poem about a Muslim woman washing her feet at a Sears Department Store prior to engaging in her Muslim prayers over the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mohja Kahf’s poem “My Grandmother Washes Her Feet in the Sink of the Bathroom at Sears” (Yeah, I know, sounds inviting doesn’t it?) was read and according to Badalament, officials said they were only thinking of the well-being of their students when they chose this ridiculous decision.

Here’s part of the poem:

Respectable Sears matrons shake their heads and frown
as they notice what my grandmother is doing,
an affront to American porcelain,
a contamination of American Standards
by something foreign and unhygienic
requiring civic action and possible use of disinfectant spray
They fluster about and flutter their hands and I can see
a clash of civilizations brewing in the Sears bathroom

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Why in the world would this poem be the least bit interesting to any child that was not Muslim? In fact, I have to ask why it would be interesting to any Muslim to hear?

Badalament has apologized for the incident. According to

Principal Peter Badalament said in a statement to parents that the poem was meant to promote “cross-cultural understanding,” and that the Pledge of Allegiance was not read because of a mixup with the student reader.

The combination of the two has “outraged a small number of members of our community,” Badalament said in an email to the Globe, noting that the school has received a handful of calls and about 10 emails from unhappy parents.

“Yesterday was the first Wednesday of the school year; we were unaware that our student Pledge reader had an internship commitment on this day,” Badalament said in the statement, “This was our responsibility to know. We humbly apologize that this oversight and communication gap occurred.”


Wait, cross-cultural understanding promotion was the goal? Seriously, what kind of moronic response is that? It’s the anniversary of 9/11, and instead of reflecting on that, Badalament wants everyone to believe that this was about cross-cultural understanding by reading something that promotes Islam and claiming there was a mixup as to why the Pledge was not read? Anyone who knows me knows where my loyalties lie, so the pledge is not an issue for me, but to have this nonsense go on is completely irresponsible, and my guess is this is purposeful, not accidental.

It gets worse. The Boston Herald reported:

“I’m disappointed at the reaction that some of my community,” said School Committee member Philip Benincasa. “I think what the principal was doing was an attempt to offer young people a glimpse of what binds us together as people. This was an attack carried out by extremists, not by a religious group that is as peace loving and valued member of our community, our culture, and our world as any other.”

In response to complaints, Concord-Carlisle High School principal Peter Badalament apologized for not having a student available to read the pledge on the morning of 9/11, according to school spokesman Tom Lucey. A student who was supposed to read the pledge was at a scheduled internship and Badalament had failed to find a replacement. The poem was read later in the day, not in lieu of the pledge, Lucey said.

“We had the well-being of students at the forefront of our thinking when we chose to acknowledge 9/11 by reading a poem that focused on cross-cultural understanding rather than unsettling words and images associated with the event,” the principal’s statement read. “We greatly respect all those who died and suffered loss on 9/11, the responders who gave their lives, as well as those who have served and continue to serve our country. We remain grateful for these heroic citizens.”


Mr. Benincasa is living in the land of unicorns and rainbows. Perhaps he will wake up when his leg is blown off, or his head is being removed from his body. Muslim foot washing does not bind us together. It isn’t even a part of the principle that does bind us together. He knows nothing of the Qur’an to claim extremists carried out the attacks.

As for Badalament, he couldn’t find a replacement? So why didn’t a teacher step up? Why didn’t another student step up? Frankly, it isn’t that hard to get volunteers for these kinds of things. After all, I can still remember high school.

I have news for you Massachusetts, and this is relevant since Concord is roughly 23 miles from Boston. Do you wonder why the Boston marathon was bombed? Do you wonder why you are being invaded by Islam? Do you wonder why your rights went entirely out the window as your government stormed your houses and put you under martial law? I’ll tell you. You let this kind of thing go on and then you accept apologies, but you never provide consequences. If this sort of thing happened in my state, the principal and all involved would be searching for a job on September 12.

I warn parents again, get your children out of the public school system. Teach them yourself.

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Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.