Vladimir_PutinEditor’s Note: The Conservative Wife has graciously allowed us to repost an open letter she wrote to all Americans and to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

My Fellow Americans,

Over the past few days we have been subjected to an op-ed from Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. Now it seems as though we will also be subjected to an op-ed from John McCain and Fidel Castro. I see no difference in these people other than the country in which they each reside. I will address Mr. Putin’s letter in a moment, but first I would like to be completely honest and tell you that I could care less what Mr. McCain and Castro have to say. Their ideals do not match those of the American people. And when I say American people, I mean those who truly care and love this great Nation. Those who have fought and died for our special freedoms and who are sick at the systematic destruction that is taking place. America has cancer and it is going to take some heavy chemo to rid her of this disease.

The disease is greed and laziness. There is a greed for money and power and those who crave it will stop at nothing to attain it. There is laziness in this country such as I have never before seen. The work ethic is all but gone. More and more Americans are on food stamps than at any other time in our history. There are those who have no choice but to accept them because not doing so means their family doesn’t eat. They can’t find jobs to support themselves and their family. Then there are those who are generational in their welfare. There is no incentive to better themselves. There is guiding hope that once pushed Americans forward in their quest to make the most out of this life. To work hard and reap the rewards of that work. No, these are the ones that are dangerous. They sit around and expect something to be put in their hand by those who do work, never once caring that those who are working are struggling to get by. If these benefits are removed, this generation of lazy people will riot in the streets, demanding that their pocket be filled with the fruits of another’s labor.

America has gone through many changes since she became a Nation. Many people think that the founding fathers created the Constitution as freedom FROM religion. This is wrong. It is freedom OF religion. This means that just as you are free to worship whomever you choose or to not worship anyone at all, I am also free to worship God. Openly and fervently. But the voice of a few has drowned out the voice of the many. And God is being denied at a breakneck pace. The further God is pushed out, the further away from blessing our Nation is. Those who deny God so as not to offend another had better be ready to have God deny them. These aren’t my words, they are God’s. And it doesn’t matter if you believe or not. What will happen is what will happen and no one will stop it. I have not ever in my life shoved my religion down anyone’s throat, yet I now have homosexuality and abortion shoved down mine. If you wish to live as a homosexual, then do so. I could care less, but do not think I find it okay to shove that filth in my face or have my children exposed to it. And if you wish to have an abortion, that also is on you. Just don’t expect me to pay for it unless you are willing to finance a trip for me to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Fair is fair after all.

Now Mr. Putin, you stated that Obama is wrong about America being exceptional. I say that you are both wrong. America IS exceptional but not because of more empty words spoken through vain, lying lips. America is exceptional not because of the land we have or the name we carry. It is exceptional because of what lives inside of every American Patriot. Men, women and children who have a love for the idea of America. A place where we are free to express ourselves and worship whomsoever we will. We do not have nor do we need a so called leader to think for us. Again, I am speaking of true Americans and not those who feel they are entitled to something because of events that happened long ago and not in their individual life, (slavery). We have a passion in our heart and we will always stand with Liberty, no matter the cost of that freedom. Many have laid down their lives for the cost of our exceptionalism. Not because a dictator told them to do so. We worship no king and no dictator. We serve God and there is absolutely nothing that anyone could ever do to make us not do so. God hears our thoughts and He knows our heart.

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Do not think, sir, that you have somehow earned the right to speak to Americans as though you are our leader. You are not. Just because you stand stronger than our own leader at the moment, he does not represent true Americans. He is a joke. He is our pusillanimous (p)resident. And he has other goals in mind for the destruction of America. And it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. He is half white after all. And I despise the white half as much as the black.

We are Americans and we will not go silently into the night. We are strong and we will stand. Our might is in our heart. We are exceptional. And we will remain so. And no one will take that from us. Not through words, not through a liberal controlled media, and not through a president who wishes he was dictator. No. We will remain American Patriots and there is nothing you can do about it. We ARE The People and America IS our home. We are America.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.