Among many other occupations in life, I had the extreme pleasure of working for Arc of the Ozarks (then Barry-Lawrence ARC). During my employment it was rumored that one of the workers impregnated a young woman who was a client. Should we have beaten her to death? Or strung her up from the nearest tree? Of course not. The man who was accused of being the father was looked upon as a predator. I am not sure what ever happened with the case, as I moved on to different employment soon after, but the point is in the perception.

What would you think of a man who takes advantage of a young woman that is not in complete control of her faculties? Let’s say she is mentally retarded or autistic. Is he not the criminal? Of course he is but this is America.

And this is Islam…

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Ramallah: A mother has admitted to beating her mentally challenged daughter before hanging her to death. The confession came after the mother turned herself in to the Palestinian Police.

It is alleged that the daughter was mentally challenged and was murdered after her mother found out that she was pregnant.

This family honour crime occurred in the town of Yata, near Hebron, and the daughter has become the twentieth Palestinian woman murdered on the grounds of family honour since the beginning of the year.

Sources in Hebron said the body of the 21-year-old woman was taken to Abu Al Hassan Al Qassem Hospital in Yata. The woman’s remains were referred to Abu Dees Forensic Centre for autopsy.

The Palestinian Police and Public Prosecution claim that an investigation has been launched and that its outcome will be announced shortly.

Sources in Yata and Hebron told Gulf News that the victim’s father and brother have disappeared since the crime was committed and that the Palestinian Police has been searching for them though the mother has turned herself in.


Amal Al Juabah, the general coordinator of the Women’s Centre for the Legal and Social Guidance in Hebron and member of the Palestinian Women’s General Union, said that the murder was an awful crime which is condemned in the strongest terms.

“Where is the honour in this crime?  The victim was completely insane and could not be held responsible for her body and mind,” she told Gulf News.


I may be taking this the wrong way but Amal Al Juabah seems to be implying that there may be some legitimate honor cases. No there aren’t. If my daughter, who is not mentally retarded, goes out and makes a mistake do I kill her? No. I play the role of the responsible parent. I try to make sure she learns from the experience but I offer her love and support. This is what families do. I won’t be happy about it but I love my children. This is how it is supposed to be.

Either way, beating and killing your own child, mentally challenged or not, is not justifiable in any way. Arguably, a good parent might have alternatively found the responsible man and beat him to within an inch of his life. But still I am not sure I would hang him.

This is Islam.

I keep reporting it because the mainstream media will not.