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By now those of you who are not buried in work have learned that there was a shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, not far from The White House. Preliminary reports will likely change but it would seem that there were at least 3 gunmen. One is dead and the other two have eluded authorities. These men are apparently dressed in military fatigues but it is not clear if they are military.

The reports I have seen thus far indicate that at least 12 are dead with more wounded. But again, Details will certainly develop and may likely change throughout the coming days.

Your best bet is to follow news channels to get the facts. Anything I report to you will be after the fact and come from these sources. I do however want to tell you about a Russian Diplomat who made some totally classless remarks today.

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Alexey Puskov made light of a tragedy and took it as an opportunity to talk about “American exceptionalism.”

The Washington Times reports:

A Russian official blasted “American exceptionalism” in a tweet Monday morning, saying the deadly shooting at Washington’s Navy Yard confirms the worst about the U.S.

“A new shootout at Navy headquarters in Washington — a lone gunman and 7 corpses. Nobody’s even surprised anymore,” tweeted Alexey Pushkov, a member of the Russian parliamentary foreign affairs committee.

“A clear confirmation of American exceptionalism,” he added.

The comment — met with disgust on Twitter Monday, as the situation at Navy Yard continues to unfold — is a reference to the recent New York Times op-ed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I think that if I were dealing with the greatest military force in the world and had just watched them back off, primarily because of idiotic leadership, I might keep my mouth shut. I am angry and others will likely have the same reaction.

No one appreciates anyone trying to make a point in the midst of tragedy. Make your point in a few days after the dead have been mourned and buried.

Russia needs to be very careful here. You don’t want to taunt a country that could turn your country to rubble and ashes with the push of a button.

The American people do not want war in Syria, but we are also very undeserving of the insults being poured upon us. Send those insults at our Commander-in-Chief and shut your mouth about the American people.

It’s comments like this that make egos swell and make people make irrational decisions.

I will say is this. If Pushkov wants to explore American exceptionalism I would be glad to meet him at any place and at any time. I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

We must keep our heads my friends. The propaganda is flying and will continue. Every time it does there are just a few more people who will be angered enough to give Obama their blessing. As much as I would like to slap the living **** out of Pushkov, please understand that his comments were probably made to elicit that exact reaction.

For whatever reason, it would seem that certain leaders in Russia are just as war hungry as some of our elected officials.

Whatever the case may be, this gentleman has shown a total lack of class. He just gloated over dead American bodies.

Mr. Puskov, put your money where your mouth is and put your ass in the line of fire. I would challenge people like Obama and McCain to do the same. Shut your mouth and lead by example.

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People are tired of being pushed by tyrants. They want to be led by heroes. I am not seeing many of those these days. It seems that Russian exceptionalism is defined by putting the same kind of ego driven numb skulls in power that we do here.

I’d suggest laying off the vodka a little and keeping the brain cells you have left in tact. The same can be said for a lot of our elected officials.