Syrians hold photos of Assad and Putin during a pro-regime protest in front of the Russian embassy in Damascus, Syria, Sunday, March 4, 2012.

It turns out that Putin and Assad may have been the liars after all, but honestly we may never know. As America was struggling with a tragic mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, the United Nations released its findings in regards to the alleged sarin gas attacks of September 21 in Syria. The UN report does not assign blame to either side but among other interesting findings it was revealed that the rockets that carried the deadly gasses were marked with Russian writing.

The Mirror reports:

Rockets used in the Syrian chemical weapons attack bore Russian writing, United Nations inspectors have revealed.

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The discovery of Cyrillic characters was disclosed in a long-awaited report today that also said there was “clear and compelling evidence” that they carried the nerve agent Sarin.

Russia is a strong ally of Bashar al-Assad and the disclosure came as Moscow was at loggerheads with the West over how to ensure the brutal dictator gives up his chemical arsenal.

Unveiling the report, UN chief Ban Ki-moon said that the attack in the capital Damascus was a war crime and the worst chemical weapons strike for 25 years.

“This was a grave crime and those responsible should be brought to justice,” he said.

The report stopped short of blaming Assad but Britain and France seized on it as fresh evidence that the tyrant was responsible for the August 21 attack that killed hundreds.

I think it is important to note that even if this report is accurate, the presence of Russian writing does not automatically indict Assad but it certainly would turn the suspicion clearly in his direction. Could Syrian Rebels have Russian Rockets? Of course they could. We have to remember that many of the Free Syrian Army are fighters from all over the region that have come to Syria for jihad. So Russian markings would not automatically indict Assad.

With that said, it would certainly raise more doubts about his involvement.

There were other findings that would indicate that the attacks did come from Assad’s forces, including data obtained by following the probable trajectory of two rockets which contained sarin gas. These rockets are believe to have come from Syrian strongholds.

The United Nations did not find sufficient evidence to accuse Assad and we must keep that in mind. But for those who have been quick to disbelieve Obama and put their full trust in Putin, it is time to take a step back.

I must admit that I have been of the belief that this gas attack came from the Syrian Rebels. I am still not certain it did not.

Why? Because truthfully I don’t trust Assad, Obama, Putin or the United Nations. None of the above have proven that they are above using propaganda to push forth an agenda. So I take this report with a grain of salt but feel it is only fair to publish it, since I have been faithfully reporting the other side of this story.

My contention all along has been that it really does not matter who launched the attacks. The U.S. has no business in Syria. That does not change for me even if Assad did launch the attacks.

I find no justification in supporting our enemies in Al Qaeda. We can not fix all problems that arise in this world and someday we must realize that. We certainly have no business trying to fix a situation when it involves arming and aiding our enemies.

That is the definition of treason in anyone’s book.

Please do not assume that Putin is the good guy in this whole mess. My perception is that we are dealing with lots of bad guys and that some are simply worse than others. The lesser of two evils is still evil and America needs to stay out of Syria.

Leaders that try to solve all world problems have a “God Complex.” They act like the ultimate authority in this world and they are not. Some things are too big for any human being to fix. A wise man knows that sometimes all you can do is pray and turn things over to a force much greater than yourself.

This is why I have a problem with 95% of all political figures, no matter what country or political party they hail from. Most claim to be church goers. It doesn’t matter what denomination or religion they claim. That is not the point today. I am Christian but you can apply this concept to any set of beliefs.

The point is that they all claim to be religious to get elected because they do not wish to alienate religious voters. But actions speak much louder than words. None of these men seem to be asking our nation to pray for the wisdom to do what is right. Why? Because they think they know what is right and they do not need to consult any God. In their mind they are God.

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You can call me a nut job if you want but I believe firmly in this concept. I don’t necessarily care what your beliefs are, but when the rubber meets the road you can tell a lot about a man’s integrity by his level of humility. When it is responsible to act as a servant to the people, and/or to a higher power much greater than one’s self, without that sense of humility you end up with nothing but tyrannical warmongers who think they always know what’s best.

Guess what?

They don’t.

If you would like to examine the full UN report, it can be accessed by clicking here.