The House of Representatives is gearing up for a vote on a continuing resolution (CR) that will defund Obamacare. The question is, are the Republicans’ heartsobamacare2 in it?

National Review reports:

Speaker John Boehner huddled with House Republicans this morning at the Capitol. According to several sources in the closed-door meeting, the speaker confirmed his plan to bring a continuing resolution to the floor that funds the government and defunds Obamacare. “On the CR, we know what the position of this conference is,” Boehner said, speaking before his colleagues. “Every member in this room is for defunding Obamacare while letting the rest of the government continue to operate. We’re going to put Obamacare defunding directly into the CR. And then we’re going to send it over to the Senate, so our conservative allies over there can continue the fight. That’s where the fight is.” “On every major issue we’ve faced for the past two and a half years, the math has been the same: House Republicans either find a way together to get to 218, or the Democrats who run the rest of Washington essentially get everything they want,” he added, pressing for House GOP unity.

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An earlier idea of using a procedural trick by House Republican leadership in order to fund Obamacare and keep the government from shutting down was floated. We had RINO Eric Cantor to thank for that, and fortunately that idea has been shelved.

So what’s going on now? It appears that instead of two parts to the CR, one that funds the government and one that defunds Obamacare, the CR will contain both. It will be sent to the Senate where men with some cajones will actually take a stand in favor of defunding Obamacare; men like Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rand Paul (R-KY). However, the chances of the Senate allowing such a measure are pretty much zero.

Sure, the House gets to say, once again, they made a “symbolic” stand against Obamacare as they have 40 other times. However, in the end, it becomes meaningless if they don’t stand their ground completely, even if it means a government shutdown.

However, Representative Paul Ryan (R- WI) demonstrates he is more concerned with maintaining his power than he is defunding Obamacare and maintaining principle.

National Review adds:

During this morning’s GOP conference meeting, Ryan made his position clear, according to a source in the room. “We have to stay on the right side of public opinion,” he told his colleagues. “Shutting down the government puts us on the wrong side. The fight is on the debt limit.” Ryan’s allies tell me they expect him to support Boehner’s plan, but he’s also going to work behind the scenes, as an unofficial ambassador for the leadership, to convince House Republicans to move away from a CR fight, should the Senate, as expected, kill the House’s stopgap bill that defunds Obamacare. Ryan reportedly believes the House Republicans can wring concessions out of the Senate and White House on spending and entitlement reform as the debt limit nears, but only if they focus on that battleground.


Ryan, like the rest of the RINOs, continues to worry more about himself than representing his constituents and upholding the Constitution.

I’d like to point out to everyone just how much conviction the Democrats had when they shoved Obamacare down our throats. They knew they would lose some of their power, and they did, but they stuck to what their agenda was. Republican leadership doesn’t know how to stick to their principles even if it costs them! This is why people are getting fed up with them and are happy to see men like Ted Cruz speaking out. They don’t have their finger in the wind wondering what side they are on. They have principles that guide them.

Ryan also is shoveling the same BS we heard back during the fiscal cliff debate. Does anyone remember that? “Oh yeah, we’ll hold Obama’s feet to the fire about the fiscal cliff by using the debt ceiling as leverage and threatened no pay for members of Congress if they failed to come up with a budget.” Right. How did that work out for everyone? Last I recall, the debt ceiling increased, Congress still doesn’t have a budget (which is why we are working off of things called Continuing Resolutions), Republican leadership caved to Obama and the Democrats on the fiscal cliff and the American taxpayer got stuck with the bill.

Ryan is merely following the lead of Boehner who is against a government shutdown.

If I could challenge Paul Ryan here, I’d tell him to stop worrying about polls on government shutdown and do the right thing. With that in mind though, Rush Limbaugh quoted a Rasmussen poll on Tuesday which showed 51% of voters back a government shutdown until major cuts are made in Obamacare.

“Fifty-one percent of voters favor having a shutdown until Democrats and Republicans agree on what spending for the health care law to cut. Forty percent would rather avoid a government shutdown by authorizing spending for the health care law at existing levels.”


Limbaugh then referred to what took place in 1995 regarding the government shutdown and Republicans should keep this in mind. The conservative talk show host said:

“Remember, the Republicans are paranoid of a government shutdown and being blamed for it because of 1995. They don’t want any part of another one. This is really what is guiding the leadership in opposing the Ted Cruz, Mike Lee effort to defund it, and all the other efforts that are out there to deal with it.

They’re just afraid they’re gonna take the hit; the press is gonna cream ’em; the public’s gonna end up thinking the Republicans are responsible for every problem; the Democrats can’t wait to pounce on it. Of course, you go back to 1995 and in the media it was a disaster for the Republicans. In the real world it wasn’t. They won Senate seats in the year following, in the election following the shutdown. They gained two seats and they lost nine in the House. It was not a disaster. And from a policy standpoint, what they stood for in that shutdown actually led to Clinton signing welfare reform as something he needed to do to get reelected in 1996. So there’s that.”


There’s also a Fox News poll which indicates:

Nearly 7 out of 10 voters are concerned about their personal health care under the Affordable Care Act and a majority wants to take the health care system back to 2009, according to the latest Fox News national poll. The poll, released Tuesday, finds that 68 percent of voters are concerned about their health care under the new system. That includes 43 percent ‘very’ concerned and another 25 percent ‘somewhat’ concerned.


Continuing Resolutions are really not the issue here. Budgets aren’t necessarily the issue. Funding things under the Enumerated Powers of Congress is. Obamacare is unconstitutional. It is an albatross around the country’s neck and must be destroyed. Republicans in the House have a chance to do the right thing here, and I’m guessing the results would also be in their favor in 2014 if they do the right thing. If they don’t, then they shouldn’t be surprised when their constituents don’t vote for them.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.

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