Washingon Navy Yard Shooting Aaron Alexis Smart Angry SnappedI wasn’t going to write about this but I feel like I have to. I am seeing reports of this “Mohammed Salem” webpage all over the internet and the assumption is to make the correlation that Aaron Alexis may have been a closet Muslim because of an unfinished webpage. Though I can not dispute that this is possible, I do believe it is unlikely.

I feel like The Daily Caller nearly hit the nail on the head but didn’t dig deep enough, partially because of the overall tone of the article which I pulled this quote from:

Are we allowed to ask why this mass-murderer would’ve created a site called “Mohammed Salem”? Was he a fan of Emirati soccer player Mohammed Salem Saleh Al Saadi? Did he appreciate the work of Palestinian photojournalist Mohammed Salem, or the Dubai news anchor with the same name? Or perhaps one of the other Mohammed Salems out there in the world?

I like where they started to go with that but, their tone was sarcasm and, I am having a hard time believing that everyone is missing the most logical Mohammed Salem. Are you aware that there is a pop star that is named Mohammed Salem? Are you to have me believe that none of these sources looked deep enough to find this out? Come on.

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There is no proof that this was the inspiration behind his webpage but my gut tells me it was. Mohammed Salem is not without controversial songs and lyrics. This song, entitled “Lies” is about teen homosexuals committing suicide.


Was Alexis a homosexual and was this his way of partaking in his own suicide? I doubt it. From what we have read Aaron Alexis had a thing for Asian women. He does seem like he was quite clumsy in relationships but I am not sure that makes him a homosexual. I think he was more likely a man that didn’t quite understand what women want. I think a lot of men can relate to that. Nevertheless it is a possibility.

Most of Mohammed Salem’s songs are typical pop music. They have little meaning and people like to dance to them. But there is one other song that Salem released that might provide some clues to those who want to run with the Muslim conspiracy. It is a song called “Egypt 2501.” The “2501” is supposedly short for January 25th which is also coincidentally my birthday and an important date in Egyptian history.

This is a song that someone could conceivably get wrapped up in and use as their personal anthem I suppose. The song is about Mohammed Salem going home to Egypt to take part in the FIRST Egyptian revolution.


My personal opinion about Aaron Alexis is that he was a sick man who was not in control anymore. I am no fan of Muslims and anyone who reads my articles on a regular basis will realize that. But my best guess is that Aaron Alexis liked the music of a guy named Mohammed Salem but he didn’t like it enough to finish his webpage. For all we know he might have been building the page for a girl who liked the artist.

Even if he was a very unnatural worshipper of this particular Mohammed Salem there is not much to work with. The two songs that I linked to are exceptions. From what I understand most of his music is considered dance music. It took a little research to find some songs with any controversial flavor whatsoever.

I personally feel that this webpage is a non-story but I am seeing stuff posted all over social media where people are taking stories about this website and saying stuff like “I told you he was a Muslim.”

Was he a Muslim? He might have been but he was a bad seed either way. Not all bad guys are Muslims.

With all of that said I don’t want it to seem like I am sugar-coating Islam because I will never do that. There is a big difference between a Buddhist who kills 12 Americans and a Muslim who kills 12 Americans.

The Buddhist likely does something like that because he has strayed from his own beliefs.

The Muslim does it because he is growing closer to Allah and is ready for his reward.

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That is the difference between Islam and other religions that people don’t seem to see. There are bad people from all beliefs but in general when a Christian or Hindu goes out and guns a bunch of people down it is a signal that they have strayed from what they were taught.

When a Muslim does it, it is because they decided to do what they were taught.

So I don’t believe Aaron Alexis was a Muslim and I think this webpage is quite a reach, but I don’t discount the fact that it is possible. I just won’t personally endorse that theory until I have more proof. I just happen to think he was a very sick individual who killed a bunch of innocent people.

I can, however, see how people would be suspicious of him having Muslim ties. That was one of my first thoughts. I just don’t believe it’s the case this time.

I want you to understand that the “Mohammed Salem” I am talking about is no slouch in the music business. I had never heard of him but if you type his name into YouTube you will have no trouble finding videos. The video below has been viewed 1.2 million times. So again, why is everyone overlooking what would seem to be the most obvious answer?


Of course if Aaron Alexis liked this song then he probably was a closet Muslim because I don’t have any idea what the guy is saying. Some of his songs are in English and some are in Arabic.

All I know is that an unfinished webpage isn’t what I would call a mountain of evidence. So I am done with an article that I never should have written. My head hurts from all of the bad music. Listening to Mohammed Salem for an extended period of time has effected me mentally. I need some Don Henley. Dirty Laundry – Clothesline Style!


Just be careful my friends that you are not trying to make stories out of nothing. We have enough of that in the mainstream media.

I can hear the whispers now. “Why is Dean Garrison involved in the cover up?”

I’m not trying to cover anything up. I am just waiting to see evidence that this side note about an unfinished website means something. It’s not a requirement to be a Muslim to like a Muslim artist. What do you think about that Cat Stevens fans?

What do you think? Am I wrong? It wouldn’t be the first time for that. 🙂