David Guth is a journalism professor at the University of Kansas and Monday he took to Twitter to show a complete lack of class. I understand how one can get emotional in the wake of a tragedy but it is his continued arrogance that is causing a continued uproar with 2nd Amendment supporters. On Monday he called for the death of children of NRA members and has refused to apologize.


Campus Reform interviewed Guth on Wednesday and reports:

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Speaking with Campus Reform on Wednesday, Guth confirmed it was he who sent the controversial tweet.

“Hell no, hell no, I do not regret that Tweet,” he said. “I don’t take it back one bit.”

Guth also doubled down on the statement when other Twitter users pressed him, suggesting it was was shameful to call for the death of children.

“God’s justice takes many forms,” he tweeted in response.

And on Monday the associate journalism professor echoed those sentiments on his personal blog, called Snapping Turtle.

“I don’t wish what happened today on anyone,” he wrote. “But if it does happen again — and it likely will — may it happen to those misguided miscreants who suggest that today’s death toll at the Navy Yard would have been lower if the employees there were allowed to pack heat.”

Also in his interview with Campus Reform, he said that he wished “a pox on our Congress and a pox on the NRA” for not instituting gun control policies to prevent mass shootings.

“It absolutely appalls me that after Newtown, we could not have come to some kind of sane agreement on something as simple as the number of bullets in a magazine or the availability of assault weapons,” he said.

The left-wing gun grabbers haven’t a clue. You would hope a University professor might learn the facts before shooting his mouth off but evidently not. The facts of what happened at the Washington Navy Yard fly in the face of any gun control arguments we have heard presented to congress.

For starters a shotgun was used that would not be banned even by Feinstein’s proposed legislation. Breitbart reports:

However, Feinstein’s bill would not have stopped the shooting at the Navy Yard, because the shooter used a Remington 870. The 870 is one of the most popular pump-shotgun platforms ever made, and Feinstein exempted it to prove she was not trying to take away hunting firearms.

The mainstream media wanted it to be an AR-15 and it was not.  Tim Brown reported earlier in the week that a large number of liberal media sources jumped the gun on rumors of an AR-15 and The New York Daily News even ran this cover.


David Guth is just another liberal playing the same old game. No one seems to see the insanity of not just a “gun free zone” but having that situation at a military installation. How insane is that?

What about the SWAT team that was ordered to stand down?

We are learning more and more about the shooter’s mental health and warnings that were ignored. Yet the liberal left insists on indicting the guns and not the societal decay that is leading to these crimes. David Guth is certainly an example of that societal decay. He is a narrow-minded individual who thinks that Americans giving up their guns is a wise move. He should leave his journalistic opinions out of a debate that can only be had by those who have studied history.

Fox 4 Kansas City reported yesterday that the Kansas Rifle Association has called for his immediate dismissal:

The Kansas State Rifle Association has called for Guth’s immediate dismissal.

“The KSRA will do everything possible to see to the removal of this man,” said Kansas State Rifle Association President Patricia Stoneking. “He should be fired immediately. His statements are outrageous!” She went on to say, “Is this who you want teaching your children? I certainly do not want him teaching mine.”

While Guth refuses to apologize for his tweet, he does defend it.

‘If you look at how I structured the statement, I didn’t really bring [the NRA’s) children into it,” he said. “I carefully structured the statement to make it conditional, but apparently it was too much of a nuance for some people.” Guth went on to say, “I don’t want anybody harmed. If somebody’s going to be harmed, maybe it ought to be the people who believe that guns are so precious that it’s worth spilling blood over.”

Guth needs to man up and apologize for something said in haste rather than calling everyone stupid. Yes I caught that nuance as well, it was not too much for me. We have all made comments that we regretted when angry but probably not of this magnitude. The more he tries to justify his comments, the deeper he continues to dig himself. But like nearly every college professor I have ever met, he is a pompous prick who thinks he is smarter than everyone around him.

I have a fantastic idea. I think a blanket apology is not in order anyway. Why don’t you take the time to reach out to David Guth and get a personal apology.


It will be much better in person. I need to feel the love.

This man embarrasses me personally. I was born and raised in Kansas and to this day I wear a University of Kansas baseball cap every single day. I only take it off for the flag, showers, meals, church and bedtime. It is in my blood but if the University does not act I will sadly have to rethink my position.

I want this man’s Twitter and email unmanageable and his phone ringing off the hook. Share this article with anyone you can and let’s make it happen. This one is personal for me.

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