Late Sunday news broke that 3 of the suspected attackers in Kenya are former residents of the U.S. Two of the men are from Minneapolis and one is from my home town of Kansas City. Where they came from is quite significant and I will touch upon that in a moment.

Newsmax reports:

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Three of the attackers at the Westgate Mall siege in Nairobi, Kenya, are from the United States, sources within the terror group that orchestrated the attack told CNN on Sunday.

CNN reported that the American-linked militants from the terrorist group al-Shabab are among nine people listed on a since-shuttered Twitter account linked to the group.

Sources told CNN that other names linked to the account include two individuals from Somalia and one each from Canada, Finland, Kenya and the United Kingdom. They range in age from 20 to 27 years old.

Two of the Americans are from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, and the other is from Kansas City, Missouri. Minneapolis has a large Somali community that in the past has been linked to recruitment efforts by al-Shabab as well as al-Qaida. The U.S. State Department is trying to match the names released by al-Shabab, but is growing more confident that American citizens were involved in the attack, according to CNN.

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On August 11th we ran a story about how Al Shabaab was actually recruiting terrorists in the USA. I had a couple of people tell me I was a loon but 68 dead Kenyans (and rising) and 3 responsible parties that came from America say I was not. I am working on another very big story tonight and I want to get this out. So in the interest of time I am going to simply copy and paste the entire previous article below.

HELP WANTED: Al-Shabaab Recruiting Jihadists in Minnesota

Minneapolis is not exactly the first city that pops into my head when I think of hot spots for aspiring young terrorists but, again, this is the change that America voted for. Would it surprise you to know that almost two dozen Minnesota men have already left “The North Star State” to go fight in the name of Allah in hell holes like Somalia? Well now the terrorists have upped the ante and have started to produce videos aimed at recruiting more.

CBS Minnesota reports:

The FBI believes Al-Shabaab is responsible for producing and releasing a 40-minute video that follows three Twin Cities men on the path to martyrdom.

For the past seven years, federal agents have been investigating and prosecuting Minnesota’s so-called “terror pipeline.”

With the country’s largest population of Somali-Americans, the Twin Cities has been fighting the recruitment of young men into Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda training camps overseas. Once trained, they engage in Jihad against the ruling factions in war-torn Somalia.

“It is troubling, because it uses the medium of video to romanticize what it is to go to Somalia and fight,” said the FBI’s Kyle Loven. “And it’s appealing, unfortunately, to some young men here in Minneapolis.”

On Tuesday, Al-Shabaab sent out a Tweet saying it would document its Minnesota Martyrs.



You know what I have always found odd about those who speak of the merits of jihad and martyrdom? Why don’t you ever see these Muslim Clerics, National Leaders, Video Producers and Muslim Political Activists strapping bombs to their chests or running to the front lines to fight?

There are hypocrites in every culture and there will always be those who will drink the “Fool Aid.”

The 40 minute video was released Thursday and follows three young jihadists on their trek from Minnesota to the battlefields of Somalia. The video is complete with interviews and appeals for more to join them.

In the video Dahir Gure is quoted as saying, “This is the real Disneyland. You need to come here and join us!”

And I am sure that some idiots will join them. Maybe a lot of idiots. Maybe John Brennan will “get his jihad on” and claim his virgins. :-)

I hate to be so crass but I have to. Anyone who wants to join them is going to get exactly what they deserve and this country will be safer and better off for parting with these men.

The problem is that some day we are going to have a respected Muslim leader start recruiting these people for jihad in America (kind of like Obama is subtly doing already). If they are willing to travel thousands of miles to die in Somalia, don’t think that they won’t gladly line up to die here. We have seen the isolated instances in this country and without a change in policy we will eventually start to see it happen daily like they see in other parts of the world.

We can not let it happen here.

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I will not shut up.

If you want to go die in Somalia and think that there will be lots of virgins waiting on the other side, go ahead. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

But if you bring that stupidity to America we will expose you and we will fight you. Our government may be on your side but millions of angry American Patriots are not.

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