Truck convoy-08

As of Monday Morning September 23rd, 2013 I can find no evidence of the “Truckers to Shut Down America” Facebook page. I do not know for certain if Facebook shut them down or if they voluntarily shut down their own page. I can not worry about that. I do know that Suzanne Hamner reported yesterday that the admins were having problems with the powers that be at Facebook:

It seems the individuals who are responsible for Facebook banned the administrators of the page “Truckers to Shut Down America.” According to a recent post, the admins were banned for using, “God Bless American.”

The post states:

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“Benn and I are back we have been in FB jail for saying God Bless America so from now on we will give you Godspeed. The FB community does not like the other. Are you all ready to Ride for The Constitution? This is a perfect example of things to come….”

Another post states, “Hey everybody, be careful what you say! The commies hate for us to bless God! Are you going to sit down and shut up? Are you going to be good little commies?”

None of this has stopped the continued outpouring of support for this ride and posters are now using “God Bless America” even more. The event has garnered a massive amount of attention and new developments have occurred.

The sojourn to Washington is now being called “Ride for the Constitution” and a new web page has been established:

Here is what I know. I read Suzanne’s post yesterday on Freedom Outpost and the Facebook page was still there at the time. It had climbed to 81,000 likes. Today it is gone.

They do however have the new website found at

This is where they need your help. I don’t ever push people donate a lot of money. I really don’t believe in political donations when people can barely pay their bills. What I do believe in is donating one’s time.

It’s gut check time for a lot of people. You can let Facebook, and the powers that be, win and kill this thing or you can become part of something unstoppable.

Losing the social networking angle hurts but it can be overcome. But it can not be overcome by lazy and unmotivated people.

There is a newly designed flyer that can be found here.

What I am suggesting is very simple but most people will not do it. Most people would rather roll over and die. If you have a printer you can print a handful of these off. If you don’t you can find a library or possibly a Fed-Ex Kinko’s that can print some for you. If everyone would just get a handful of copies and pass these out to local truck stops it would make a difference.

But honestly how many will do that? This fight has been taken to the people now. We don’t have Facebook to help us anymore. Printing 3 of those flyers or 3000 and passing them out will help. Do what you can.

Please, if you want to help in a big way, like passing flyers out door to door or putting them on car windshields, do yourself a favor and call your local police department and/or any retailers that are involved first. Getting arrested or fined is not the goal here. We must follow any local ordinance and respect private property. If you post on bulletin boads, in most cases it is required to speak to a manager first. Most won’t care but we do not want to give the organization a bad name.

We need you and we need you now.

Will you fight?

Or will you roll over and die?

I can’t tell anyone what to do, but I’m still fighting.