Bertha Lewis, deposed Queen of Mean of ACORN is struggling to make herself relevant again as she betrays blacks by trying to convince them that illegal immigrants will make their lives better.  She is a disgrace.  While the unemployment rate for young black men is 41.6%, why would adding another 11.5 million people competing for the few jobs there are be to their advantage?  And does she really believe that the voting interests of blacks and Hispanics are the same?

In politics today, we see the liberals have abandoned their black constituents because they are safely on the plantation.  All of their efforts have gone to gays and Latinos, specifically illegal aliens.  Liberals know they have the black vote locked up….or do they?  Over the past four years, we have seen the number of blacks running for office as republicans grow.  In the senate, the lone black is Tim Scott, a republican from Charleston, SC and of the three Hispanic senators, two are republicans.  And in the history of the democratic party, covering the period from the 1830s until today, they have managed to elect just one minority in a predominantly white District.

The Tea Party, which has existed for less than 4 years has backed and won with many minorities, all of whom have won in predominantly white districts.  So who are the racists?  In politics as in their every day life, liberals believe in equal but separate, a leftover from their KKK hey days.

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Lewis spoke to three hundred people and, talked about solidarity with other minority groups, and said that they could use it to leverage power.  Evidently no one was buying, as she got just a smattering of applause when she was done, and those who did clap were probably praising God that was she was finally shutting up.  Harry Alford (a personal hero of mine) and his Black Chamber of Congress, along with the far left Black American Leadership Alliance, both understand what a disaster it would be for the people they represent.  The latter marched on Washington to protest amnesty for illegals.

But lest we think we conservatives are doing right by the black community. let me tell you we are not.  I understand the politics.  Why spend political capital on a group that has a long history of voting against us?  How about we do it because it’s right?  The republican party has always been the champion of vouchers, but we haven’t done nearly enough.  And we don’t need to toss a lot of the money into the pot.

Let me explain.  Vouchers must come directly from the school, where the student left.  Why?  If they don’t have the student, they don’t need the money.  Liberals and the NEA insist that voucher money must be new revenue.  Well, screw the liberals and the teacher’s unions.  Like any other business, if they can’t deliver a quality product, then they don’t deserve the business.  Yank away their money until they either close down or decide to compete with those offering our young people an education.

And let’s do away with teacher graft.  Tenure?  It’s a joke.  Teachers able to pick and choose the school they teach at based on seniority?  Sayonara.  It’s time that we spend more time picking out our school board members than we do picking out our socks in the morning.  This country is only as strong as the weakest of us.  If we really want a healthy economy and a balanced budget, we need to educate our children…all of our children.

People like Lewis will never change and their own interests are all they are concerned with.

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.