Where are terrorists comfortable and free to set up house? London, terror central. Imagine this, after Egypt banned the Brotherhood, they moved….. to London. Not Kabul, Qatar or Khartoum. London. But Robert Spencer and I are banned from entering because it might not be “conducive to the public good.” Savages agree.

“The Muslim Brotherhood moves office… to London” Trending Central, September 24, 2013 (thanks to Dave H)


Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has decided to move its media offices to London, following a Cairo court decision to proscribe the Islamist entity’s activities and any subsidiary institution related to it.

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The Brotherhood already maintains a London presence through which it was previously running the administrative affairs of the organisation. The London headquarters is a “research centre” headed by Ibrahim Mounir, former member of the Guidance Bureau and former Secretary General of the international organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood has also used the London headquarters to communicate with the West, publishing a weekly journal entitled “The Brotherhood Message”, a which explains the organisation’s stances on the current events and its vision on reform.

Brotherhood leaders have also made appearances on satellite channels broadcast from their media office, which was fully transferred to London after recent prosecutions in Egypt.

The office published a statement today in which it remarked that the recent decisions in Egypt would not persuade them to abandon their ideas but would instead give them faith to further adhere to the principles they preach.

The courts ruling to dissolve the organisation was not surprising, according to the statement, but rather expected, especially after the claims that more than 15,000 leading members were arrested, including Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie.

The Islamist outfit described the verdict to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood as exclusionary and revengeful.

“It will remain with God’s help, not by the orders by the judiciary of al-Sisi,” he told al-Jazeera Mubashir Misr TV, referring to the head of the armed forces Gen Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.

Pamela Geller is the Editor of Atlas Shrugs and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.