In the summer of 2013 our elected representatives once again failed to come up with a budget, or live within their means, the spending limits they previously promised. That’s too bad, and we had runaway spending, even threats that if they couldn’t come to terms with it all the government, Federal Government, that is would shut down. Those who wanted to keep on spending, claimed that the attempts by Republican Tea Party members to hold the Congress up through extortion were out of line and recklessly dangerous.

Well, that is certainly one way to look at it, but I see it completely differently. If we do not address this frivolous waste in Washington DC and the socialist give-away programs our representatives will indeed bankrupt this great nation. We are on the wrong course for fiscal responsibility. We are printing money, and have to pay for it later, but that money doesn’t stick around long due to really bad trade deficits as our so-called trading partners are taking advantage of us. Yes, we are letting them, but that doesn’t make our situation any less problematic.

In all of this we are picking fights abroad, puffing up our chests as a Super Power, and we’ve introduced several new bubbles into our system – academic, health care, industrial surveillance complex, and free food bubble, which is not only bloating our debt, it’s making Americans fat, dumb, and happy, well, until they want to go to the doctor, use that degree to get a job, or maintain their privacy I guess.

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Not long ago, I was discussing this with an acquaintance and jokingly said, America needs to go on a diet and he stated; “A huge diet is needed. May be past that point and time for bankruptcy?” As he was speaking about the potential government shut down and paying on our debt, the on Congress allowed to run away from itself.

That’s the problem, if we continue on this path, we will fall hard, but if we pay attention and get into a reality check, we can lead the world for the next 200-years again, leading by example, and that would really benefit human kind. They don’t come any more pro-American than me, but I don’t like the concept of living a lie, we need to stay true to the cause, and the promises we’ve made to ourselves.

Unfortunately now, we have politicians making insane promises no one can keep, unions too, and companies, academia, and religions and hell, they are only human right? Maybe it’s time for super computers with AI intelligence hooked to the Internet brain of humanity to counter human desire against prudence and use decision making algorithms to run things. Because the humans running our government and our human elected representatives can’t seem to get it right. Please consider all this and think on it.

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