First, she lied to her employer, stating that she had a doctorate from Georgetown, despite the fact she wasn’t even in a program to earn a doctorate.  Then she committed perjury by claiming that only 15% to 25% of the fighters in Syria were Islamists.  John Kerry and John McCain (Now there’s a pair of aces for you) both quoted her report extensively as proof that an attack on Syria was justified.  She also wrote that the  “Al-Aqsa Islamic Brigades” were moderates and the west had nothing to fear from them and urged the US to supply them with more sophisticated weapons.

We're not terrorists

This picture is from their website.  You will notice that in the picture, it shows men carrying weapons with the Capitol Building in the background engulfed by flames.  Two other pictures from their website prominently displayed the flag of Al Qaeda.

And just like Obama, the US government paid this liar with taxpayer money enabling her to lie to the American people, in support of our sworn enemy, Al Qaeda.

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O’Bagy worked for the  Syrian Support Group (SSG), and although she claimed to only work for the humanitarian division, she supplied propaganda and openly called for arming the Islamic militants.  So that brings up the question, why would McCain hire her?  For the same reason Obama hired jay Carney and Stephanie Cutter.  They want people who are unafraid to lie on a daily basis.

McCain, who gave the democratic response to the Ted Cruz filibuster, quit representing the people of Arizona a long time ago and has carried more water for Obama than Hoover Dam does.  A couple of years ago, Glenn Beck claimed that McCain would have been a worse president than Obama and people laughed at him.  Are you laughing now?

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements.