John BoehnerYou know that guy that sneaks out at lunch every day and throws back a few? He always comes back chewing gum and all of your co-workers know. It has been alleged that a number of our elected servants couldn’t address government shutdowns and Obamacare without first throwing a few back this weekend.

There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks on your own time but company time is supposed to be off limits, at least with most occupations. Most would agree that those who drink on the job are showing the signs of a full blown alcoholic. Alcoholics don’t often abide by any kind of etiquette with their drinking. How do I know this? Well, ummm, you know, well it’s like this, uhhh… I am a recovering alcoholic myself. I drank before (and after) my own wedding. By the grace of God it’s been 2 years now since my last drink. Previously I made it to 5 years before screwing up. I am not the type that can stop at 1 or 2 and envy those who can.

There is nothing wrong with drinking unless you are an alcoholic and there have long been rumors of several of them in congress.

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John Boehner is at the top of the list of alleged alcoholics and maybe we should start with him. If you simply type in “John Boehner alcoholic” in Google you will have your choice of many wonderful tales of his habitual drinking and carousing with Capitol Hill staffers.

Former U.S. Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, admits he broke the law and deserved to be sent to prison, but he told WND the corrupt political system desperately needs changing and House Speaker John Boehner is part of the problem.

“I’ve known John Boehner for over two-and-a-half decades. I don’t hate John Boehner. Was I angry at John Boehner in 2006? You better believe it. I make no bones about that. But John Boehner has always been, and this is my opinion but I think the opinion of many, on the lazy side in the sense that he’s a get-along guy. He doesn’t like a lot of controversy. He’s always enjoyed the golfing. I would have to term it an addiction for John Boehner,” Ney said.

“I’m not calling anyone an alcoholic, being a recovering alcoholic, but I’ve got to tell you John Boehner is a constant drinker of wine. He’s been seen with lobbyists for decades on a nightly basis and drinking. I’m not judging him, but I think it’s part of the story.


It’s not just Boehner. Check out what Ron Paul said in an interview on Larry King Live as reported by The Raw Story in 2009:

“I understand there’s a few people who smoke marijuana already,” said Paul, laughing. “And, how many times have you seen someone arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana? I mean, I’ve never heard of it! Driving under the influence of alcohol … That is dangerous.”

Paul attributed current laws to a widespread fear of political retribution in Congress, among many members who “drink a lot of alcohol” at that.

“Are you saying that there are a lot of alcoholics in Congress?” asked guest host Joy Behar.

Paul backpedaled. “I said there’s a lot of people in Congress who drink a lot of alcohol.”

“They won’t vote to legalize it,” he added with a laugh.

I don’t care what any of these guys do when they are “off the clock.” I would rather they not drink and party on my tax dollars but it truly is none of my business what they do in their personal life if it is not illegal, but…

…knowing what we know, and suspecting what we suspect, would it surprise you if your congressional servants turned this weekend’s crucial ObamaCare/Government shutdown debate into a little party? Would it concern you if there was a little booze involved in those late night negotiations?

It does me.

I’m not saying it effects votes. I’m not saying it effects a lot but it is common decency to refrain from such things when the whole country is counting on your sound judgment.

Isn’t that right John McCain? Playing video poker is acceptable of course but drinking on the job is where any good RINO should draw the line.

Well, you should always consider the source but a couple of left-leaning journalists reported that this weekend’s activities in the House of Representatives were not all business.

Ginger Gibson is congressional reporter for Politico:



Kate Nocera is a congressional reporter for Buzzfeed:

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I think all conservatives should be offended that liberal journalists are exposing our heroes as mindless drunkards. This is not news. We have known this for years.

This is not anywhere close to acceptable. This really is worse than John McCain playing video poker, or at least every bit as bad. I don’t like John McCain so I am not trying to take his side, but come on…

My tax money is paying you around a quarter-mill a year and you can’t even stay sober for one of the most important legislative debates in our nation’s history?

I’d like to know who it was and, though I do not doubt the story is true, it is a little odd that this reporter didn’t bother to find out:



It’s a much bigger story if a few names are attached to it.

These people work for us and if this really happened, which I think it probably did, then they need to be fired or placed on leave and sent to rehab.

The American people deserve better than that.

You don’t drink on “company” time and these men and women should not be drinking at work either. But then again, this is congress.

They don’t abide by the same laws that we do.

I remember a day at school when I happened to launch the perfect spit ball that landed just a few inches from Sister Sienna’s hand as she was writing on the chalkboard.

Sister Sienna knew how to get to the truth. She threatened to keep the whole class in for recess if no one admitted to launching that spit ball.

I caved.

If I had my way I’d stand before all 435 of them and use the same tactic.

“None of you clowns get paid until I find out who stole the booze from John Boehner’s briefcase.”

If Sister Sienna were still alive she would find out.