Harry Reid - CaricatureOne problem in our government is our elected representatives can’t seem to stop spending on frivolous things, and they can’t seem to run the business of the people. It’s a shame, some believe that we should fire the entire lot and start over. On some days, I myself completely agree. The amount of name-calling is amazing. What I find worse is some of those doing the most name calling at the very people complaining about others and their behavior. Let’s talk.

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada the Majority Leader of the Senate on the Senate Floor said that the Republican Party has been infected by the Tea Party. He called them obstructionists, radicals, and everything short of being full-on terrorists. He said on the floor of the Senate that the Tea Party has taken Congress hostage. Okay so, who takes people hostage? Pirates, terrorists, kidnappers, and criminals – and who do we consider radicals in our society, often guerrilla insurgents, terrorists, and criminal elements. What infects things – well, that would be bad and unhealthy bacteria and viruses.

Senator Harry Reid thus, is effectively labeling the Tea Party a virus, a group of radicals, and criminal terrorist-like group. I find this to be so unbecoming of a US Senator, I don’t know what to say. This same Senator and so many Democrat Senators like him have been and are continuing to spend our nation’s treasury into oblivion. They seem to think that this business as usual is okay, it’s not, socialism doesn’t work, it won’t even work in a very wealthy nation like ours, actually we aren’t wealthy any more, we are spent.

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The Senators run by the Democrats took a victory lap for supposedly saving the government from a shut down. Why are they worried about a government shut down? Because if it shuts down they can’t spend any more money, they cannot deliver on all the promises of free money they’ve made to people which allows them to stay in power until they bankrupt us. The Democrat Senators came up with a laundry list of people who would be harmed by a government shut down – the typical helpless poor, government workers, homeless, veterans, single mothers, and anyone else they could come up with.

Why should happen next?

The House of Representatives should tell the wealthy Senators who have all the big union dollars and giant corporations in their back pocket to stick-it. Shutting down the government is the right thing to do now, as it will help correct this runaway train wreck, this crazy spending, this disaster ObamaCare. Our nation needs fiscal control. If not now, when – if not the House of Representatives then who? Our government has become out of control, they will if we let them, render us as pathetically economically helpless as Italy, Greece, Argentina and Zimbabwe.

Name calling will not solve the problem of runaway spending. They say is an addicted person is someone who will not admit they have a problem – so, what do we call an addicted Senate which will not and cannot stop the spending? Tell me, if you have a teenager who has a credit card on your account that you have to pay for and won’t stop spending – what do you do? You take it away. This is common sense. So, I’d like to know what on Earth Senator Harry Reid is talking about?

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank.