Barack ObamaThere was a lot of talk when President Bush was in office about the so-called “Bush Doctrine” especially as Senator McCain and Sarah Palin were running for office against the very naïve and junior Senator Barack Obama at the time. Katy Curry cornered Sarah Palin in an interview and asked what she thought about the Bush Doctrine. Sarah Palin said; “what do you mean by that?” And Katy Curry stated; “You mean to say, you don’t know what the Bush Doctrine is?”

Well, no one did because it was a liberal left-wing media term someone made up, which had to do with President Bush’s decision of preemption. However, that wasn’t Bush’s Doctrine, that is a long standing doctrine of military warfare philosophy that goes back 100s of years. Preemption and the justification for such is as old as Sun Tzu and later Karl von Clausewitz. Still, it was amazing how the reporter in that case made Sarah Palin look silly, when it was a loaded question meant as a persnickety attack on the Republican’s IQ.

There was an interesting article titled; “The Obama Doctrine” in Defense One online news written by Stephanie Gaskell and published on September 11, 2013 – and I must confess I didn’t read the article because I just assume it’s another propaganda piece since Defense One is part of the Government Executive online news. But, in seeing that title, it made me consider a possible definition for an Obama Doctrine;

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Create chaos through Community (protest) organizing, blame everyone else for anything that goes wrong, never make a real decision, divert everyone from your leadership failures by calling them names and alienating them, and then pretend to take the high road by giving a speech you didn’t write on a teleprompter (hoping no one notices that this is your only play).

That is the Obama Doctrine and that is the Game Plan, want to see it again, just wait, and watch, it is like a bad rerun. You see, the reality is that Obama does not have a doctrine either, his team makes this stuff up as he goes. However in hindsight we can see his methods of operation are pretty common in all his endeavors – and he uses his media to drive home single statement bullet points whether true or not repeating them over and over again to make them stick. Well, to me that doctrine is getting a little old an there is no hope for a change in his tactics of name-calling, or blame-gaming the way I see it. Please consider all this and think on it.

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