It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in Upper Manhattan.

Imagine you’re out with your family in your SUV when suddenly, you’re surrounded and relentlessly pursued by a mob of DOZENS of bikers . . . .

That’s what happened to Alexian Lien, 33, and his wife and 2-year-old daughter last Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013.

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Colin Flaherty, author of the outstanding book on seldom-reported black-on-white crimes, White Girl Bleeds A Lot, reports for WND that on a Sunday afternoon in New York City, a mob of dozens of motorcycle riders chased, stopped and beat the father of a young Asian family.

But what the local newspapers did not report, however, is that the bikers are black, which is what the police report says. A veteran member of New York’s law enforcement community said, “The newspapers say it was a motorcycle gang. That makes you think it was a white gang, like the Hell’s Angels. But it was the total opposite.”

Nor is this an isolated incident. On the contrary, this is merely the latest of several incidents of racial violence on wheels.

Except this one is on video. All 6:27 minutes of it that you can see for yourself by going to the WND site. The video was recorded by the helmet-cam of one of the black bikers.

As the video begins, a black Range Rover driven by Lien is heading north in the direction of Harlem, pursued and surrounded by more than 50 bikers.

black bikers1It is not clear what, if anything, had happened before the video begins that could account for the bikers’ harassment.

At the 0:27 mark in the video, a biker does a “brake check.” In moving traffic, he pulls his motorcycle up to a few feet in front of the Range Rover. Then, looking at the rear of his bike and the front of the car, he slows down until his rear tire contacts the car’s front bumper, forcing the Range Rover to stop.

black bikers3

The other bikers then converge on the Range Rover, laying their bikes down on the pavement to block the SUV.

black bikers4The panicked dad guns the engine and runs over several bikes before speeding off with the pack in hot pursuit.

black bikers5

At around the 4:55 mark in the video, a white SUV in front of Lien’s black Range Rover stops, which forces Lien also to stop, with bikers surrounding both SUVs.

One of the bikers gets off his bike, runs to the Range Rover and tries to open the driver’s door (see red arrow below).

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black bikers.

Panicked, Lien guns his engine and speeds off, running over one of the bikers. The red arrow in the screenshot below, taken from the video at the 05:11 mark, points to the biker on the ground.

black bikers2That’s when the other bikers go berserk and roar after the Range Rover at high speed.

The video doesn’t show it, but according to the New York Post, one of the bikers had slashed one or more tires on the Range Rover, forcing Lien to exit the freeway at West 178th Street in Washington Heights. You can see bikers exiting the freeway at the 05:35 mark.

At the 06:20 mark, the Range Rover comes to a stop on West 178th between Wadsworth and St. Nicholas avenues, stuck in traffic behind other cars. That’s when several bikers (I counted four men before the video abruptly ended) go up to the Range Rover and pummel the vehicle with their fists and helmets, breaking at least one window.

In the screenshot below, taken from the video at the 06:22 mark, the red arrows point to two bikers hitting the Range Rover.

black bikers6According to the NY Post, the bikers then dragged Lien out of the Range Rover and beat him in front of his wife and child. Lien was rushed to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital with two black eyes and injuries to his face and chest.

CBS News says the whole incident “began around 1:30 p.m. Sunday on the West Side Highway after he [Alexian Lien] got into an accident with one of the bikers around 125th Street. After the driver and motorcyclist pulled over, they were quickly surrounded by 20 to 30 bikers who began damaging the victim’s Range Rover, police said. Lien, who was traveling with his wife and toddler, struck two other bikers while fleeing, police said. The other bikers gave chase, pursuing him for about 2 1/2 miles, and again surrounded the vehicle. They pulled the man from the SUV and beat him.”

The biker whom Lien allegedly ran over is the rapper Jay Meezee (real name Edwin Mieses). His wife, Dayana Mieses says her husband “got off his bike to help a biker who was hit in the initial collision and was injured in the process,” with injuries to his heart, lungs and ribs “and that he is paralyzed from the waist down.”

edwin-mieses-known-as-jay-meezee-Jay Meezee

The biker who reportedly had started the confrontation is Christopher Cruz, 28, of Passaic, NJ. He is charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, endangering the welfare of a child, and menacing.

Several New Yorkers took to YouTube to report similar experiences.

One says the same mob of bikers had been spotted all over the city: “These savages drove throughout Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx yesterday. They were on sidewalks, they were going against traffic. They were looking for trouble and unfortunately for this man and his family, they were picked on.”

Another writes that the bikers had been doing this for months: “During the warmer months, these gangs – comprised of hundreds of cycles – take over the West Side Highway (here) and the FDR. This has happened to me (and my family) twice. The cyclists harass the drivers, speeding up, slowing down to a crawl, weaving in and out, clogging traffic. They surround the cars. Their intent is to intimidate, to harass and to cause an altercation. On one occasion, my wife and I were so frightened we pulled off and drove local. They were looking for a fight.”

Actor/comedian Michael Joiner notes the difference between how the media are treating this roving band of dangerous bikers versus the bikers of the 9/11/2013 Million Bikers’ rally in Washington, D.C.: “In Washington recently, we had miles and miles of bike riders who were scorned or ignored by the liberal media.  But the media is protecting the black bikers who terrorized this innocent family. I only wish Ted Nugent had been driving.”

Colin Flaherty points out that this incident is the second high-profile assault in Harlem in September 2013. Earlier in the month, 20 blacks on bicycles taunted and assaulted a white doctor who lives and works in Harlem. The physician was out for an evening stroll when the bicyclists found him, broke his jaw, and knocked out a few teeth. He said his attackers were not representative of all the good people in Harlem.

The video has been uploaded to YouTube, so I can now post it. Watch the entire terrorizing incident for yourself!





Dr, Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.