Thirty members of Greenpeace have been languishing in a Russian prison while awaiting trial for trying to illegally board a state owned offshore drilling rig.  One member who is a nonsmoker shares a cell with a chain smoker and a vegetarian isn’t served special meals to her liking and there’s not a drop of Evian water to be found anywhere.

Twenty six of them are from countries other than Russia, including Britain, the United States, Finland and Argentina.  Doesn’t Russia understand that they are “special”?  They are the heroes of the planet and if they put people’s lives in danger, so what?  It’s for their own good.  Maybe they should call Amnesty International, after all, they are only a few cell blocks over.

The Greenpeace activists are complaining that their cells are cold and the clothes are not to their liking (What’s the matter?  haven’t the Russians heard of Dior or Versace?) and the food isn’t even listed in Zagat’s.   Irina Paikacheva, the head of a state-connected regional prisoners’ rights watchdog group says,   ”Many of them are in a state close to shock.  They had never expected that they would face such consequences for their peaceful protest in a democratic state.”

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Others complain that they can’t get prescription medicines and others want over the counter medications and to make matters worse, their watches and shoelaces were taken from them.  Welcome to the real world, morons.

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements.