Mark Dice’s latest video is one of his most revealing to date. Titled Real Life Idiocracy in America – The Obama EffectDice simply asks the question of Californians, “What political party is President Obama affiliated with?”

How hard do you think you would have to search to find someone who could not answer this question? You might be surprised.


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How can someone not know the answer to this question?

The guy that got me the most was the man who said Obama was a “republican” and started talking as if he were an authority on the subject. I really wish Dice wouldn’t have cut him off because that guy would have rambled on for five minutes about something he knows nothing about. We all probably know someone just like that idiot, but I am not sure I know anyone like that who would call Obama a republican.

I realize all Californians are not this stupid, but it seems like they certainly have their share.

On September 30th Dice also put out a video where he posed as a representative of Planned Parenthood and handed out “Abortion in a Can” citrus drinks:


It’s amazing to see how many people gladly accept this and are actually inquisitive about how it works. They seem to be interested in the thought of killing babies after a drunken rendezvous but couldn’t seem to care less about what political party Barack Obama is associated with.

How can we get people to wake up if we can’t even get them to use the brain that the Good Lord gave them?

This is America and America is in trouble.