This past week in a speech to business leaders, Obama said that never before in the history of this country have any non germane bills been attached to the debt ceiling.  He only missed it by over 1,400.  Yes, there have been over 1,400 non germane items added to the debt ceiling since 1973.  In Obama’s world that amounts to nothing.

The Washington Post fact checker looked into these allegations and awarded Obama 4 Pinochios, its highest rating for lying.  In 1973 Senator Kennedy and  Senator Mondale tried to attach campaign financing to the debt ceiling.  It failed but it did prolong the debate by 4 days.  Obama claims the Republicans are holding the debt ceiling increase hostage, but that’s exactly what Kennedy and Mondale did.

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Linda K. Kowalcky and Lance T. LeLoup, conducted a study on the subject and what they found was that since 1973, it has become common practice and usually done by the democrats, such as an amendment to stop bombing Cambodia and a nuclear freeze.  Howard Baker allowed 1400 amendments to be added to the discussion on the debt limit.  Their study concluded that only 10% of all add-ons have been successful.  That’s still 140 using my math.  The republicans are only asking for one.

So the bottom line is that once again, we see that Obama is a shameless liar and even his biggest boosters can’t deny it.

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements.