Note: Pres. Lucifer has forbidden the lapdog media from using the word ObamaCare. FOTM therefore is calling the Unaffordable Care Act by its true name — LuciferCare, a word coined by FOTM’s brilliant Trail Dust who also coined the title “President Lucifer” for the POS.

Here are some Hollyweirdos who are brainwashing America’s youth by pimping for LuciferCare. These Hollyweirdos should ask themselves this question:

If LuciferCare is so wonderful, why are the very people who have foisted it on the American people EXEMPT from it?

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Who's exempt from ObamacareThe following Hollyweirdos are by no means the only Hollyweirdos pimping for LuciferCare; they are but a sample (Source: Daily Mail):

LuciferCare pimps1LuciferCare pimps2LuciferCare pimps3LuciferCare pimps4LuciferCare pimps5LuciferCare pimps6LuciferCare pimps7Now you know whom to boycott!

P.S. Activist Post has an interesting piece by Servando Gonzalez, that LuciferCare, aka ObamaCare, is really the reincarnation of HillaryCare, which itself was the reincarnation of RockefellerCare.


Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.