furloughed Normally I don’t like to give publicity to those with opposing views but this is serious stuff. A recently furloughed IRS worker named Donna Smith, from Ohio, has begun and pledged to continue her hunger strike until the government shutdown ends.

The Daily Mail reports:

Mrs Smith, who got married last year, says that she is fortunate enough to have a supportive spouse and a financial safety net, so she is not extremely concerned about losing income, according to the station MyFox Philly.

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However, when she overheard some of her co-workers expressing fear that they would not be able to feed their children because of the stalemate in Congress, she decided to make a statement by denying herself food.

Wow. Do people like this really exist? Donna Smith is putting the needs of her co-workers above her own health. This is amazing.

If Americans like myself get our way, and this shutdown continues indefinitely, this woman could die. I’m going to feel kind of bad about that to be honest. But if she dies, she dies. Even the liberal side needs an occasional martyr. This woman is definitely committed. I will say that for her.

As for her co-workers, with all of these jobs that Obama has been creating hopefully they can find some temporary work. But this woman is standing for them and should be applauded for that.

According to the Daily Mail article she has not eaten in four days so far. OK, well she’s just getting started despite the 12 day shutdown. That’s OK. Maybe the late start will give her a fighting shot to live.


The Daily Mail also reports:

She has been living on tea, water and nutritional shakes.



Nutritional shakes?

That’s not a hunger strike.

That’s a diet.

I lived for almost a year on nothing but nutritional bars and shakes. I lost weight but I wasn’t hungry and didn’t die.

Stupid liberal.

This is not a hunger strike. This is false advertising.

Let me tell you something. I feel for the kids because they are helpless but beyond that I don’t give a rat’s backside about these furloughed workers.

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Let them try to survive in the real world where there are no jobs in the PRIVATE sector. Maybe they will realize that an economy driven by too many government workers is not a healthy situation. Big government is killing us. We have too many people staring at computer screens and producing nothing and those who bust their butts every day flipping burgers or building houses are having to support all of these idiots.

As for being an IRS worker? As someone who has been audited more times than I can count, and that belongs to a political ideology that has been admittedly targeted by this organization, I have ZERO sympathy. ZERO.

Last year I was supposed to get a refund. At the last minute the government came in and sent me the dreaded letter and explained how they were taking away my nutritional shake money. No one went on a hunger strike for me or the millions of other Americans who are familiar with this treatment.

As for going on a hunger strike that includes vitamin-packed nutritional shakes, please don’t make me laugh.

This is not a sacrifice. This is typical liberal thinking.

Delicious double-chocolate protein shakes are not food.

It’s plain hypocrisy. Again, what part of any hunger strike you have ever heard of contains nutritious (and delicious) shakes? For all we know she might be downing a six-pack a day. She could actually gain weight.

The truth of the matter is that she is a little overweight. I am not making fun of that because I am too, and she’s not fat like I am. But honestly this is probably good for her health for the short-term. She’s getting vitamins and staying hydrated. She probably feels better than she has in years.

Shut up you stupid libtard.

The Daily Mail is and will continue to be one of my favorite news source. But I honestly can’t believe they printed this as if it were a real hunger strike.

We could keep the government “non-essentials” shut down for years and most of us would die of old age before this hunger strike took Donna Smith’s life. 

And to me that sounds like a pretty good idea.

Let’s try it just to see what happens.