2012 Democratic National Convention

Candy Crowley is a mental midget and it’s a good thing that there is a CNN or she would be begging for coppers in the stoop.  She was interviewing Rand Paul and asked him if he would consider joining the democratic party.  Rand laughed at her.

The interview started with Crowley, ever the propagandist, saying that the polling numbers are dropping on the republican’s approval rating, (Although she somehow seemed to forget that Obama’s rating is now 37% and democrats went down by 8% in just 1 month) and wouldn’t Rand be better off on the side of the democrats?

“Or if you wanted to become a Democrat — there are lots of parties out there.  Just wonder if you see yourself being anything other than a Republican?”

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And this is where Rand sticks in the knife and twists it:

Sen. Paul simply laughed.

“No. I’ve always been a Republican, and I’m one of those people who actually is a real lover of the history of the Republican Party from the days of abolition to the days of civil rights. The Republican Party has a really rich history.”

“In our state, I’m really proud of the fact that the ones who overturned Jim Crow in Kentucky were Republicans fighting against an entirely unified Democratic Party, so I am proud to be Republican. I can’t imagine being anything else.”

She was so angry, she picked up her sheets, her hood, and her cross and went home.

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements.