Yesterday I wrote about a disturbing trend in US prisons, a noticeable increase of tattoos on prison inmates, particularly in the Southwest, with script written in Farsi and with graphics depicting Hezbollah imagery. The conversion rates to Islam in the prisons is little talked about. The prisons have become hotbeds of radicalism and jihad.

Today I received this email from a former prison administrator in response to my post.


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That authorities have found an increase of islamist tatoos is only part of the story.

I worked for the prison system in Texas for five years as an administrator. I was inside the prisons on a daily basis. The muslims were allowed to have their holidays, a prayer room, and extra food after their fasts. And their numbers got larger as time went on. More than one told me that Islam gave them the power they wanted. It gave them the women they wanted and they could live the life they wanted. When asked what they wanted in life, the response was something like… “the freedom to do what I want”.

In stating that they have seen an increase in the tatoos is only the surface. Why don’t they mention the numbers of the inmates, oops now the right word is ‘offenders’ , that are now going to the prayer rooms or who are attending the muslim meetings. And those offenders are black and white.


Pamela Geller is the Editor of Atlas Shrugs.