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On April 2, 2013, the United Nations General Assembly approved the Arms Trade Treaty, which is really a gun control treaty.

On September 25, 2013, President Lucifer’s snake-tongued Secretary of State John Kerry signed the Arms Trade gun control Treaty.

But we all know from our high school civics that the U.S. Constitution empowers solely the U.S. Senate — not the executive branch – with the authority to make treaties. This means that the POS and Kerry can sign all the treaties they want, but their signing is unbinding unless the Senate ratifies those treaties. To ratify a treaty, two-thirds of the Senate (or 67 senators) would have to vote “yes”.

A cause for worry is that even before the POS signed the Arms Trade Treaty, on March 23, 2013, 46 senators (44 Demonrats and 2 Independents) already had voted in favor of the gun control treaty.

Kyle Ebersole reports for Conservative Action Alerts, Oct. 15, 2013, that according to a letter written by Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) to Obama, the United Nations Arms Trade gun control Treaty is dead on arrival in Congress’ upper house!

Moran’s letter, a pledge co-signed by 49 of his colleagues, shows the treaty would not be ratified if the vote were taken today as all treaties require the approval of a two-thirds Senate majority for ratification.

Sen. Moran says: “The Administration’s recent signing of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty was a direct dismissal of the bipartisan Senate majority that rejects this treaty. Throughout this process, it has been disturbing to watch the Administration reverse U.S. policies, abandon its own ‘red line’ negotiation principles, admit publicly the treaty’s dangerous ambiguity, and hastily review the final treaty text.”

The letter outlines six cases against the international gun-control agreement and confirms that “the U.S. does not intend to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty, and is therefore not bound by its obligations.”

You can read the senators’ letter (click here) or right here on FOTM as I’ve taken screenshots of the senators’ letter, showing their signatures (which should be interesting fodder for graphologists like FOTM’s pnordman!):

Click the images to enlarge

Moran letter1Moran letter2Moran letter3Moran letter4

Please thank Senator Jerry Moran for his letter and for his leadership in defeating the POS’s attempt to impose gun control via the U.N.

Here’s Sen. Moran’s contact info:

Washington OfficeJerry Moran
361A Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Telephone: 202-224-6521
Send an Email

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And please continue to tell your senators to oppose the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty! Sign the petition.


Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.