Did anyone catch this little scuffle at the White House gate in their media coverage of the veteran’s protest which took place a little over a week ago? We saw the video where the DC riot police were called out, but my friend and fellow contributor here at Freedom Outpost, Darwin Rockantansky, sent this over.


You will notice that the crowd is merely peacefully protesting at the White House gates. They are not littering, are not being abusive to one another and they are not out of order.

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dc police veteransFrom out of nowhere come a few DC riot police who trample right through the crowd and begin to attempt to throw their weight around against the rights that are supposed to be protected under the First Amendment; a right that allows for peaceful assembly, free speech and present grievances to government.

However, as you watch the video of these cops, take note that they are calling for people to back away from a fence that was paid for with tax dollars. They weren’t climbing the fence and they weren’t tearing it down. They were standing at it.

As you watch, you’ll see the crowd gather in tight around the couple of police who didn’t think things through when they started using their batons to push the protestors back. In fact, at one point it looked as if it was about to turn into one of these…



Cooler heads prevailed and the police, who were trapped by the fence and the crowd, were eventually allowed to leave.

This is what we are facing. Congressman Trey Gowdy pointed out the problem the other day when he blasted National Parks Service Director Johnathan Jarvis over the veterans’ memorial barricades. When Occupy crowds can defecate all over the place, rape, pillage and camp out in Washington, DC without consequence and yet America’s veterans cannot engage in peaceful protest without being bullied by the police state, something is wrong and something must be done.

The protests are gaining momentum. Elected officials will either listen or they will provoke the people to further action, hopefully peaceful, but history tends to lead us to another conclusion.

The next big protest takes place in just days, October 26. The protest will be against the federal government’s violations of the Fourth Amendment in their spying on American citizens. Following that, November 19, 2013 is a day that Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch, is calling for Americans to assemble in Washington to call for the removal from the White House of Barack Obama.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.