Barack ObamaIn October of 2013 we probably heard more political rhetoric on our TV sets than at any time prior to the 2012 elections. The Cable TV stations were making money – with ratings up, they were selling lots of advertising. That’s all good and wonderful, but the TV news turned that mole hill into a mountain in two weeks. Philosophically speaking it is a very serious problem. The Democrats and Administration are busy spending up a storm and adding to our national debt with more; namely ObamaCare.

As people went online to use the website, if they could get online to use the site, it either showed them they’d be paying more than they are now, or they would be subsidized – by whom? By the other people who are paying more, and the government. Nothing is free. Of course, that didn’t stop the political rhetoric once the shut-down ended.

In fact, the most Honorable and Nobel Prize winning President Obama said in a speech upon the October 2013 government shut-down reopen;

“Probably nothing has done more damage to America’s credibility in the world, our standing with other countries than the spectacle we’ve seen during these past few weeks.”

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Okay so, that was a nice Obama Administration spin on things, an interesting perspective, and a nice try at trying to redirect the Administration’s responsibility and assign blame to others, by citing the brinksmanship and divisive politics in the legislative branch – but I dare to ask; “Is it so?”

Let’s talk, because I believe that the blame for what happened can easily be traced back in all aspects and dimensions to very poor decisions made along the way, at nearly every turn, some of which defied any sense of logic whatsoever and where purely bathed in unfounded hateful, ignorant, and/or politically correct ideology.

Now then, obviously someone like me would not make such harsh critique unless I could back it up or if it were true. Let’s consider just a few of the things that have hurt our credibility in the world.

1. Benghazi
2. Handling of the Asian territorial waters
3. Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
4. Cutting Our Military and Naval Budget
5. In-action with Iran’s nuclear program
6. Whistleblower Syndrome with Snowden and Bradley Manning

All of these things we can attribute directly to socialist ideology and populist messages from the Obama Administration and the socialists in the legislative branch. Our honorable President shouldn’t blame the Tea Party for any of those things. The Administration says the shutdown hurt our credibility in the World, nonsense. But we’ve lost more ground on credibility during this administration than any I can think of, including the last on, which the left-wing media would have you believe.

Running around the world playing patty-cake, trying to win hearts and minds, and acting weak, doesn’t help our credibility, neither does an administration that spends our nation’s treasury into oblivion. Today, our enemies and allies see our Noble and Honorable President as weak, not as credible. I sure hope they aren’t right. Either way, I am pretty sure it’s not those Tea Party people’s fault.

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